How to look like a ‘10’ in Erie’s 10-degree weather

Winter is a time of year when everything dies and the heavens open up and let down a blanket of freezing coldness.

While we could just stay inside and hibernate for a couple of months like bears do until it goes away, I feel like the likelihood of us passing classes would decrease as quickly as the temperature. So the alternative is braving the cold and walking outside.

The only clothing I brought to school with me tough enough for this weather was a ski jacket and a pair of boots that I got when I went through this phase where I thought I wanted to learn how to hunt. Anyway, obviously I now have some shopping to do.

For those of you who have the same dilemma that I have, I’ve done some research and here is what I’ve come up with.

What we need most importantly is a very warm winter coat. I have probably seven peacoats sitting in my closet right now, but they simply are not getting the job done in this zero-degree weather.

My Columbia ski jacket is nice, but it makes me look like I’m ready to go build an igloo at any given moment – to be honest, I really am. What we need to be looking for, are coats made of materials like wool, fur or quilted nylon with feathers inside.

The way the jacket is cut is very important; you want it to hug your womanly curves. With that in mind, you still want to leave some room on the inside for you to have multiple layers on underneath.

I’ve also taken to wearing my running spandex under my jeans. You could wear thick tights or even long underwear, but I feel like the spandex makes the material I put over it lay nicely and it kind of doubles for slimming out some of those previously mentioned womanly curves.

For your feet, you’ve got to wear boots. It really doesn’t matter what kind of material they’re made of as long as they are waterproof. Leather, rubber, flubber, it doesn’t matter – just make sure they’re waterproof or water-resistant, because nobody likes cold, wet toes.

The equestrian boots are perfect for this because leather is of course waterproof and no heel takes away any unnecessary balancing issues.

I love the Coach rainboots for the reason that they’re waterproof and they’re fuzzy on the inside for added warmth. However, if you don’t have fuzz-insulated boots a pair of wool socks can easily solve that problem.

Don’t forget about the little things! You can fear hat-hair, but the reality of the situation is that you lose most of your body’s heat through your head.

Hats, gloves and scarves can help you keep warm and serve as cute accessories as well. Designers like Coach, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors have taken the guesswork out of matching your winter accessories and sell them in sets.

However, if you still enjoy the fun of mixing and matching, a knit headband and gloves are super cute and super warm. You could also wear your slouchy beret with an infinity scarf.

I hope I’ve helped – stay warm!



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