Wardrobe necessities for Erie weather fluctuations

Coming from a week where Gannon University saw the first flurry and then a 70-degree Sunday, I think it’s time to talk about how to deal with the quickly changing Erie weather.

Cardigans, blazers, leather jackets or a denim shirt can be added to an outfit to enhance your look, but are also easily ditched if the weather gets too hot. These pieces can help transition summer clothes to fall clothes. They allow you to keep your favorite tank top in your rotation for a couple months longer.

Cardigans go great with dresses that you want to dress down for class or shirts that you want to dress up with jeans, and they’re comfortable! Cardigans are a wonderful article of clothing for Erie because it goes from flurries to sunny and 70 degrees on a day-to-day basis.

Now I’m sure you may be wondering where the denim jean shirt comes into play. Here’s where: you may be a bit hesitant to pull on some colored jeans but with some denim on your body, you might feel much more comfortable. They’re a great fashion piece and a comfortable way to get out of a daily jean routine.

Leather jackets are no longer just for biker chicks or punk rockers. A nice leather jacket can keep you really warm, but it doesn’t have the bulkiness of a peacoat.

I’m a huge fan of blazers; they’re not the warmest jacket, but they take an ordinary outfit and make it more mature looking; professional; très chic. Like a cardi, a blazer can go with dresses and jeans.

Men in blazers or a nice sports jacket is one of the greatest ideas ever thought of. Red pants, tan shirt, blue blazer… even in no-shave November, you will look great.

Don’t let Erie’s changing weather patterns leave you out in the cold. Layering your clothes will ensure you’re ready for any type of weather.



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