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November trends for women and men

November is composed of three things: boots, scarves and scruffy-looking boys. How you put those things together, layer after layer, shows how great trends like bohemian and hipster were born.

Being trendy doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. College kids on a budget should check out clearance sales at department stores.

Huge sales happen after the peak of every season, and the fall clearance sale is my favorite. I recently went to Kohl’s to raid the Lauren Conrad collection and came back with some pretty nice loot.

Going to clearance sales at department stores or outlets is the best way to find high-quality clothes that won’t set you back. When my boyfriend asks me why I go to such great lengths getting dressed I say, “My body is my canvas; what I wear is the art.”

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Rain boots, equestrian boots, heeled boots, ankle boots and all the way to thigh-high boots – each one of these finds itself a utility this time of year.

I personally rocked some Steve Madden cowgirl boots this year with my homecoming dress. It was awesome.

Rain boots are a necessity living right below Lake Erie. is a great resource for finding the shoe to complete your outfit, and the shipping is free!

Never be afraid to wear a dress just because it’s chilly outside. The right length of dress will make your boots the centerpiece of your outfit, paired with some opaque or cable-knit tights. You’ll be warmer and more stylish than you would have been in jeans.

The French have mastered scarves for years. They have two different words for scarf: “ècharpe” for warmth and “foulard” for decorative clothing.

This brings me to my new favorite word: pashmina. Say it with me, “pashmina.” It just sounds soft, and it is.

Pashmina is great because it’s so versatile. These scarves come in so many intricately woven patterns. Scarves are the finishing touch to a great outfit or the better half to a nice jacket.

For the Guys:

I’m all for No-Shave November. Facial hair, I am a fan of. I’m even a little jealous of it.

There are so many options for how to grow hair on your face. However, No-Shave November is not No-Style November.

Letting the fur run wild all over your face is not a fashion statement. No one wants to kiss a face that might require hacking a machete through to get to the lips.

Goatees are always nice. Soul patches are all right. Fu Manchu – not so much.

A simple rule of thumb: If your mustache makes you look like Yosemite Sam, you’ve gone too far. Pick up your nearest Gillette and try something else.

Have fun in your hair growing endeavors!



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