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Be God’s Mercy

“Where the world is merciless, be God’s mercy. Where the world is hopeless, be God’s hope. Where there is injustice, be God’s justice. Where there is sadness, be God’s joy.”

These few sentences are the beginning lyrics to the song, “Be God’s” by Danielle Rose. They hold a special place in my heart because this song was the theme to the summer that I worked at Young People Who Care in Frenchville, Pa. Every once in a while, I find myself singing this song and remembering the time I spent there. I worked there the summer after freshman year, and this song still means a lot to me.

Just recently, however, I started to really listen and decipher the lyrics. I started thinking about how I could be God’s mercy, hope, justice and joy in my daily life. Let me tell you after thinking about it for a while, my head started to hurt. I couldn’t figure out how I could do that.

As the song continues, Rose sings, “Where the world is doubting, be God’s faith. Where there is ingratitude, be God’s grace. Where there is confusion, be God’s truth. Where there is weakness, be God’s strength.” This seemed even harder to me than the stanza before it. How can I, of all people, be God’s grace? Or his strength? How can I be his truth?

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As I listened to the song further, it stopped reflecting my memories and started to reveal life-changing goals. Well, just as much as anyone, I was up for a challenge. How could I be God’s joy, truth and love? I needed to start with myself.

I started to reevaluate how I interacted with my friends and family. But was that enough? No. I started to reach out to people I never really talk to. But did I really start to “be God’s” something? I am not sure. My life then took an interesting turn—I started to think about my thoughts, words and actions.

While I’m still not perfect (no one is), I have goals to live up to. I try my hardest to be whatever God needs me to be in a certain situation. As the refrain says: “Let your life change the world one person at a time. Let your life be the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the bread becomes his body, we can be a living sign with God’s love, change the world with your life.”

I look at it this way — just let your life show people how God works for you. Go ahead and demonstrate to people, one by one, the presence of Jesus in people’s lives.

This is definitely something to work on during the rest of Lent. Figure out how to be the presence of Jesus in the lives of others. Try to be a living sign of God’s love. Try to incorporate his truth and faith into your daily life.

The song continues, saying to be God’s healing, song, child, rock; to be his smile and his light. Most importantly is to be his love. The lyrics remind us to live in a way that we could be God’s presence on earth, something we should all to strive to be.

So take a listen to the song and really think about the lyrics. Forewarning: Danielle Rose can sound a little corny, but it is truly a great song. This song is one we could actually live up to, and honestly it is one I never would have heard had it not been for Sister Suzanne and Young People Who Care. That summer we truly took the words and the meaning behind the song and brought them to life.

I hope to reconnect with the song someday soon and really start living the way it tells us. When you doubt something or feel unhopeful, the song is a great boost. It helps remind you that, as Ghandi said, you must be the change you wish to see in the world. If something is getting you down, do something about it.

Also be thankful for the life you have. Praise God when you get the chance and realize Jesus is in you. The song ends with a simple message: “Heaven will fall down to earth, thank you, Father. When you live a life of love, thank you, Son. The lame will walk, the blind will see, thank you Spirit. Jesus dwells in me!”


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