Finding God: Being kind to one another

How to find power in kindness and spread it in your daily life



Acts of kindness can be done in small capacities such as getting someone a coffee and talking.

Annie Ruzanic

We can all afford to be kinder to each other. I have noticed an increase in kindness across Gannon’s campus in the past few weeks.
When I mean kindness in the past few weeks, I don’t mean side-stepping what occurred on our campus but being there for others more than we thought we were, reaching out to get help when we need it and lending a shoulder, ear or whatever we need from each other. We have realized that taking care of each other should come first within a lot of areas of life.
When we move through our lives living selfishly and with blinders on, we lose focus of what really matters – the ones around us who love us. Sure, we will have our careers and lives, but we have to have people around us who support and love us.
We also need to make sure that we care, love and support those in our lives too. We can’t let them do all the work. Living in selfishness can lead to broken relationships, strained emotions and paths that we may not necessarily want to fall down.
Deep down, we have all struggled with something at some point in our lives and have strayed from the path of helping others and bringing forth kindness. Yes, that is human nature, and it is something that happens often. However, we cannot let that take us over and consume us.
We learn a lot of this from Jesus. Jesus was not a perfect person, and neither are we. Following Easter, I always remember that I am not perfect. I am only perfect in the eyes of my Savior. Even then, I can feel like I am not perfect, that I have strayed from the path, and I am one of the lost sheep trying to find their way back to the herd. I know deep down that I am endlessly loved and redeemed, but at times I wish I could do more.
I try my hardest to live my life with the notion of “treat people with kindness.” I want to bring forth as much good and positive energy into the world as I can.
I believe that part of the reason God put me on this earth is to bring kindness forward and make it a necessary part of living.
I try to be kind to every single human, animal, plant or thing that I come into contact with. I never want to leave someone and have them think that I didn’t care about them or that they are not valued. That is the last thing that I would want. I want to leave someone with the idea that they are loved, worthy and powerful.
After that, I would hope that they go on and bring goodness into the world based on how I treated them.
Growing up, I was raised on the Golden Rule — Treat others the way you want to be treated. This rule or saying has been ingrained in my upbringing. You want to leave the earth better than you found it. You want to treat others the way you wish to be treated because it shows that you care.
There are so many small things that we can do to be kind. So here is my challenge to the Gannon population – and that includes students, staff, administration and anyone:
Call someone whom you haven’t talked to in a while and ask how they are doing. Just catch up with them!
Perform three small acts of kindness during the next few weeks. That can be anything from buying your friends, roommates, teachers or whomever coffee, to helping your friend study for their big exam coming up.
Take a moment for yourself and soak in the sun. Embrace the sunshine and let it fill you with warmth. It will remind you that you are OK.

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