Finding God on Gannon’s campus

God’s words through music can be very impactful on people’s lives


Ashleigh Lutz, Staff Writer

God has always spoken to me through music. Sometimes, it is through a song someone suggested at just the right moment, or when I happened to change the radio station to the exact song I needed to hear.
In high school, I loved being in musicals and other shows. When I got to college, I wasn’t sure what role music would play in my life, if any. I was shy, and I didn’t know many people.
I was content just giving it up and staying in my comfort zone. Then, I decided to go to a music ministry practice just to see what it was all about.
I immediately felt a sense of community. The people were so kind and welcoming, so I continued participating.
After a month or so, I was asked to start cantoring at Mass. I was terrified of making a mistake, so at first, I said no. It was way out of my comfort zone, and I didn’t want the added stress or responsibility, but eventually I decided to try it.
I started out slow, just co-cantoring with another member of music ministry, but soon I was on my own.
In the beginning, it was a huge source of stress because I am a perfectionist and am my biggest critic when it comes to music.
As I became more and more comfortable, I started to get compliments every once in a while. This made me more confident and want to keep singing.
I started branching out and saying “yes” more. I began singing at adoration, at TGIF, the weekly Friday worship and dinner and at larger Masses like the Mass of the Holy Spirit.
I fell in love with singing in a new way; I fell in love with the music, the words and the feeling I get when I close my eyes and just let the music wash over me.
Being a part of the music ministry team has helped me meet so many wonderful new people I may not have connected with otherwise.
If I am having a bad day, music practice will always cheer me up.
It has become something I look forward to every week.
When people approach me and compliment me on my voice, it continues to help build my confidence. I am so glad I can share the gift God gave me with so many people.
Singing with Campus Ministry helps me connect to Mass in a new way, and I hope I can help people find joy and hear God’s word through music.


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