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An Emotional Journey Through “The Rabbit Hole” – A Review

Quoc Huy Ngo
Rick Klein for Gannon Schuster Theatre Grace Dible and Hayden Eiss in one scene of the play.

“The Rabbit Hole” is a poignant exploration of grief, loss, and resilience that leaves a lasting impact on its audience. Presented and executed by the stellar cast and crew of Gannon’s Schuster Theater, the show delivered a moving and thought-provoking experience.

The play unfolds in the aftermath of a tragic accident that has shattered the lives of Becca and Howie Corbett, portrayed with remarkable depth by Grace Dible and Hayden Eiss, respectively. Dible’s portrayal of Becca is a memorable performance as she captures the raw and complex emotions of a mother grappling with the loss of her child. Her ability to convey the layers of grief and anger is both heart-wrenching and authentic. 

Eiss as Howie brings a convincing mix of vulnerability and strength to his character. As the play progresses, Howie gradually takes down his guard and presents his true self: a dad with a damaged heart who is relentlessly trying to move on after the death of his son.  

Ashlyn Jessup’s portrayal of Izzy, Becca’s younger sister, adds an interesting dimension to the narrative. Her character’s youthful energy and occasional recklessness provide a contrast to the more subdued grief of Becca and Howie. Jessup brings Izzy’s complexities to life, making her character both relatable and sympathetic.  

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Ava Stripp’s performance as Nat, Becca and Izzy’s mother adds a layer of generational wisdom along with a touch of humor and sarcasm to the production. Stripp’s portrayal is nuanced, and her interactions with the other characters reveal the subtle intricacies of familial relationships. 

Alfred Couvreur as Jason, the young boy involved in the accident that took Becca and Howie’s son, navigates the delicate balance of guilt and innocence with sensitivity. His scenes with Becca, in particular, are emotionally charged and thought-provoking. 

The staging choices enhance the overall impact of the play. The decision to present “The Rabbit Hole” as a one-act production without intermission keeps the audience fully engaged, allowing them to immerse themselves in the characters’ lives and emotions without interruption. 

The set design and lighting successfully construct a domestic environment that reflects the turbulence within the Corbett family.  

One of the most poignant moments occurs when Howie and Becca engage in a heated argument in the living room following Becca’s accidental erasure of Danny’s video.  

This scene not only exposes the vulnerability of both characters as they confess their true emotions but also illustrates the ever-shifting dynamics between the couple. 

“Rabbit Hole” is a beautifully crafted exploration of grief and resilience, expertly brought to life by an exceptionally talented cast.  

The ensemble’s performances elevate this production to a must-see status. It serves as a powerful reminder of humanity’s ability to endure tragedy and discover hope in the most unexpected corners of life. David Lindsay-Abaire’s script, combined with the director’s astute choices, transforms “Rabbit Hole” into a deeply moving and unforgettable theatrical experience. 

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Quoc Huy Ngo, Arts & Leisure Editor
Hi! This academic years Arts & Leisure editor is Quoc Huy Ngo. Writing is one of his passions and he has been writing for more than one year. Besides writing, reading is also one of his biggest enjoyments (especially anything about art and the fashion industry). During his downtime, he loves to clean and decorate his space, spend time with friends, or just chill and enjoy tiny, beautiful things in life. Thank you for all of your support. 

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