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September 22, 2023
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Until the Ball Goes Flat
September 22, 2023

A Summer Trip and The Importance of Travelling

September 15, 2023/12am 


ERIE, Pa — Over the summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, a city I hold dear to my heart. The city’s relentless hustle and bustle ensures that every visit is filled with surprises.  


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Even after multiple visits, I still found myself getting lost amid its towering skyscrapers or stumbling upon charming, hidden coffee shops or a spectacle that I had somehow missed on previous occasions. These unforeseen encounters remind me of the importance of traveling. 


Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about encountering new cultures. The importance of this aspect of travel cannot be overstated. Meeting people from different backgrounds and engaging in different conversations can be an incredibly enriching experience. It fosters tolerance, empathy, and a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of human diversity.  

As we gain insights into the customs, languages, and histories of other cultures, we become more culturally aware and sensitive. 


Travel provides a much-needed escape from the routines and stresses of daily life. Stepping away from the familiar can offer a fresh perspective and an opportunity to recharge both mentally and emotionally.  

Whether it’s a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous trek through the mountains, travel allows us to disconnect from the pressures of work and responsibilities. This mental reset can lead to increased creativity, reduced stress, and a renewed sense of purpose upon returning home. 


Beyond the cultural and geographical aspects, travel is a profound tool for personal growth and self-discovery.  

When we venture into the unknown, we are forced to confront challenges, make decisions, and adapt to unfamiliar situations. These experiences build resilience, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills.  

Traveling can push us out of our comfort zones, prompting introspection and self-reflection. As we navigate foreign landscapes and cultures, we discover hidden facets of ourselves, gaining a deeper understanding of our strengths and limitations. 


Last but not least, the memories we create while traveling are priceless treasures that stay with us forever. From the spectacular view of Hong Kong’s skyline to the laughter shared with newfound friends at a local market, these moments become part of our personal narrative.  

They serve as reminders of the beauty, wonder, and joy that life has to offer. In a world filled with distractions and fleeting experiences, travel allows us to create enduring memories that enrich our lives. 


In a world increasingly connected through technology, it’s easy to forget the profound impact that physical travel can have on our lives.  

Beyond the allure of never-ever-reached destinations and Instagram-worthy snapshots, traveling holds a deeper significance – one that stretches far beyond the boundaries of geography. The importance of traveling transcends the superficial; it is a transformative journey that enriches our lives in countless ways. 

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Quoc Huy Ngo, Arts & Leisure Editor
Hi! This academic years Arts & Leisure editor is Quoc Huy Ngo. Writing is one of his passions and he has been writing for more than one year. Besides writing, reading is also one of his biggest enjoyments (especially anything about art and the fashion industry). During his downtime, he loves to clean and decorate his space, spend time with friends, or just chill and enjoy tiny, beautiful things in life. Thank you for all of your support. 

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