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Mentionable Tracks to Spice up your List

Erie, Pa. – These are the best new mentionable tracks, a carefully curated selection that transcends genres and boundaries to bring you the freshest and most captivating melodies of the current moments.  

1. “Bad Idea Right?”- Olivia Rodrigo 

Olivia Rodrigo possesses a remarkable talent for vividly capturing the significant “first” in life, ranging from first love to first heartbreak.  

In her upcoming album “Guts,” the second single, “Bad Idea Right? ” delves into another significant moment of any young person: the first backslide. By maintaining a subtle thread of musical theater, “Bad Idea Right?” could be seen as a continuation of Rodrigo’s previous album, “Sour.”  

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With its witty and rapid-fire delivery, the track injects a dose of ironic humor into Rodrigo’s music, a theatrical and nonchalant brilliance that has sprouted from her earlier works. It is not exaggerated to say that Rodrigo has offered one of the most outstanding pop performances of the year. 

2.“Psychedelic Switch” – Carly Rae Jepsen  

Love is an essential substance of life, and who could know this better than Carly Rae Jepsen? The pop star has built her career around delving into the intoxicating highs of romance, yet in a profound way.  

“Psychedelic Switch” is the highlight of her new B-sides album, The Loveliest Time, in which she again explores the idea of love as a transcendent experience. “But, boy, your love is such a trip, it’s like a psychedelic switch,” Jepsen lyrically expresses.  

Even as the intensity of the emotions subsides, Jepsen remains euphoric: “Cause baby I’d be satisfied forever with a couple years of this!” she exclaims. Her newest single highlights nothing but one solid fact: when the music is good, you’d be too. 

3.“Rush”- Troye Sivan  

The latest anthem from the queer pop star, Troye Sivan, elevates the notions of sex and earthy desires to a nearly spiritual experience. “Rush,” which serves as the primary track from Sivan’s forthcoming album titled “Something to Give Each Other,” embraces the allure of sensual indulgence in a distinctive fashion. Inspired by nights spent at gay clubs on Melbourne’s iconic Smith Street, which is well-known for its mix of charm and divine atmosphere, “Rush” focuses solely on pure ecstasy.  

The song maintains an exhilarating piano-house rhythm throughout while elevated by surprising elements, such as a touch of erotic masculinity in its chorus.  

The catchy chorus echoes the latent desire and hedonism found in a “sport-ish” chant as a group of men goes: “I feel the rush. Addicted to your touch,” complementing Sivan’s ethereal falsetto.  

This spirited single is all we need to revive the summer exhilaration, as its lyrics suggest: “Kiss it when you’re done, man, this shit is so much fun.” 

4.“Demons” – Doja Cat 

Once again, Doja Cat shuts down hatters’ mouth in her latest single, accompanied by an eccentric music video.  

Rapping on a disorienting, bass-heavy beat, Doja maintains the same provocative attitude toward the naysayers as she usually did: “Are you off a key/I would never let you in my VIP.” The lyrics are simple yet quirkily attractive through Cat’s sarcastic-childlike tone.  

As the song progresses, she transits into a more concise rap flow, adopting unconventional rhythms.  

As is often the case with Doja’s recent work, the song strikes a clever balance between intelligence, a touch of darkness and a sense of playfulness, all simultaneously. 

5. “Cruel Summer”- Taylor Swift  

“Cruel Summer,” featuring rich synths and even some background guitar played by the brilliant St. Vincent, seems like a natural progression from Swift’s beloved hits such as “Love Story,” “State of Grace,” “Style,” or “Getaway Car.”  

In “Cruel Summer,” the mega-pop star releases her rock-star power paired with a profound sense of romantic urgency, before reaching the peak with a bridge that would redefine all bridges.  

The exceptional bridge is so catchy that Swift sings it not once but twice before concluding the song. 

During the first month of the Eras tour, “Cruel Summer” saw a surge in streams, making its way onto Spotify’s U.S. Top 100. If you manage to snag a ticket to the Eras Tour, the scream-along bridge is a moment that’s worth waiting for.  

After four years since Swift’s Lover era, it feels like we’re heading for the cruel summer moment that every music lover has been waiting for. 

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