Get in touch with God-given talents

I have a problem with bookstores: I cannot walk out of one without purchasing something. I have a collection of books in my room at home that overflows my childhood book shelf. Yet, as I find myself developing different tastes in books, I continue to buy more than I probably should. Case in point this past Saturday — I went to Barnes & Noble and walked out with two hard covers. My only consolation was that they were bargain books and I got them for about $12 combined, which is a pretty sweet deal for a bookworm such as myself.
Ever since I was little I loved opening a new book. I have read my favorites to the point that I can pick one up and remember every detail without even opening the cover. Give me a few seconds and I could probably recall the whole story of a book I have not read for years. I fly through books in a matter of a week, and sometimes I have two or three books going at the same time.
As I have gotten older, I’ve realized my love of reading complements my love of writing. I started journaling when I was 5 and kept up with it ever since. I also tried to mimic my favorite writers and started writing my own stories, filling notebooks with my “next best-seller” (though I never had the patience to finish any of them).
So when it came time to choose a college major, journalism seemed perfect. Over the past few years, my writing has improved and I still have the passion for it. I still write in a journal, and I also am working on an extended piece that I’m submitting in a class workshop. The class helps me to share my talent, and it also motivates me to hone my writing skills.
I believe God gives us our talents and helps us find ways to use them. In my case, my reading has brought me a lot of joy and also has broadened my imagination. This, in turn, has helped me improve on my own writing ideas. Through reading and writing, God has guided me to a place where I can showcase and work on my passion.
God granted me this talent, just as he grants a quarterback the ability to throw a football or an actress the love of theater. A dancer receives grace and balance, while an animator possesses the skills to draw. God gives everyone unique abilities and also grants them opportunities to enhance their gifts.
I firmly believe that God gives us talents and plants in our hearts what we should do with them. Our dreams, so to speak, are planted into our heads for a reason; I do not believe our most inherent abilities stem from mere coincidence. Hopefully we all can find the courage to follow those dreams and showcase what we were given.
Whether you use your gifts in your major or in the professional realm, always stick by your dreams and find ways to share them with others. I enjoy writing this column and other articles for The Gannon Knight, and I also write poems and short stories that I enjoy sharing with others. I love writing knowing that someone will read my words.
We all love praise, and as long as it does not inflate our egos, it can be a great thing. In fact, praise can only help us want to share our talents more. So whatever you excel at, I hope you thank God and everyone else who helps you master your skills along the way. I hope that others know how thankful you are for their help and guidance.
I praise God every day for what he has given me. I thank him for my opportunities and for guiding me to where I need to be. I also thank the people who have helped me through difficult times. I do my best to return the favor to them when they need it most.
God may have not granted me with the ability to walk out of a bookstore empty handed, but at least he gave me talents I can use to justify my purchases.

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