Start your day on the right note

Anna Malesiewski, Assistant Editor

For me, mornings are the most important part of my day. My morning sets the tone for the entire day ahead, and it is when I get in some of my most formative rituals. Here are some aspects of my morning routine that are truly life changing. 


The first thing I do when I wake up is drink water!! It is important to stay hydrated to flush toxins, prevent illness, increase energy and boost cognitive function. Before I drink any coffee, I make sure I drink at least one glass of water.


The habit of journaling has been truly life-changing for me, and has boosted my mental health immensely. The topics of my entries vary by day, but I will write about anything from things I am feeling grateful for, how I am feeling in that moment, nerves and anxieties or even quotes or song lyrics that have been on my mind. 

Journaling is not for everyone, but by buying a cute journal and nice pens that I love to write with, I look forward to it every day. 

Before I start any work for the day, it is important for me to clear my mind to prepare to take on the stresses of the day. By doing this, I find I am better equipped to deal with my day to day life. 


I try and read for at least 10 minutes in the morning when I wake up. The genre of books really does not matter (lately I’ve been super into self-help books).  I find that when I spend this time reading in the morning, it gives me a sense of calm and peace that I can take with me during the rest of my day. 


When I have the time (and I am in a healthy mental place to do so), I like to do a few minutes of exercise. Whether that is yoga, stretching or a morning walk, even just 10 minutes of exercise can boost my endorphins and put me in a good mood for the day ahead.


Last but not least, before I head out the door, I have to take my vitamins. Some of the most important ones for me are vitamins B, C and D. 

Vitamin B is important in so many functions of the body. Some of these include cell health, energy, brain functioning, healthy appetite and hormone production. 

Vitamin C is especially important to take during Covid times. Vitamin C is important in proper immune system functioning. I don’t want to catch Covid (or anything else for that matter), so I load up on vitamin C!

Finally, I make sure I take vitamin D.  It is especially important to take vitamin D supplements in the winter months, because it is naturally absorbed by the body through sunlight exposure, which we typically do not get as much of in the winter. Vitamin D helps strengthen bones, boost the immune system and can even help lower depression. 

These are just some aspects of my morning routine that work for me. These will not be for everyone, they are only meant as suggestions. Some days, I do every single thing on this list. And some days, it takes immense effort just to get out of bed and I skip some. Both are OK. However, when I do skip some, there is a noticeable shift in my mental state throughout the day. 

The most important thing to me is getting my mind in a healthy place to be able to take on the pressures of the day ahead. I hope you find a way to do this every morning, whatever that looks like for you.