Don’t take life too seriously

As a second-semester senior, I certainly should know how to read my class schedule. I mean, I have only been doing this for eight semesters now. I should be an old hat at this, right? Alas, last Tuesday I found myself going to Creative Writing Workshop with only 20 minutes left in class. Class started at noon, instead of 1:30 like I thought.
I opted out of disrupting the class and e-mailed the professor explaining my mistake. Afterward I sat in the computer lab and laughed at myself. People probably thought I was crazy, and while I am sorry to anyone I may have disturbed, I couldn’t help it.
Situations like that happen to me all the time. I am not saying I do this on purpose or that I am stupid – I just read my planner too fast or get my times mixed up. However, I can look back and laugh at my mistakes. I found that you cannot take yourself too seriously.
My mantra is “I am human.” I am not perfect and I make mistakes. Some are bigger than others and are more serious. When that happens I will deal with them as appropriate, but later on down the road it might be something I will laugh about.
I have learned to own my mistakes and take them for what they are worth. God made me this way; surely he knew that eventually I would screw up. He knows we all will. So why not put a funny twist on the situation? It makes it seems less horrible.
I consider myself a positive person. I see every situation I go into as a learning experience, even if it did not turn out as planned. As corny as it sounds, every cloud has a silver lining. 
Don’t get me wrong – my thought process is not all rainbows and sunshine. I get grumpy, and I scream and cry. I am not always personable in the mornings. If you catch me during a rough week or a bad day, watch out.
But I also realize that these moments are a challenge from God. Life cannot be all about good and happiness. “All I do is win” does not apply here.
However, I figure out what is wrong in these moments and ask God to help me through them. I apologize to those I hurt. I also try different ways to boost myself back up. Sometimes it is not an easy job and I need help, but then again don’t we all?
I recently attended my first real job interview. If I do not get the job, I will be disappointed, but I remember that God might have different plans for me. This job might not be where my talents shine the most.
Disappointing moments can hurt, but without looking at the bright side, they can eat at you forever.
For these moments I turn to Jesus. I mean look at his life. He does all this work for his father and then what? He gets put to death. Talk about a tough family business. But Jesus never faltered and he knew that God would take care of him.
As humans we need to realize God will take care of us. It is like the “Footprints” poem; let him carry you during your bad times. I have and through it all I have had the ability to see the good come out of it. Even in the worst situations I have gotten myself into, I never felt like I was truly alone.
So for a few spiritual New Year’s resolutions, I have decided to add to my mantra with, “Learn and move on from my mistakes.” I will also laugh at myself when the opportunity presents itself and I will try to see the good in my misfortunes.
God gave us this life; we might as well use it to its full advantage. So smile, laugh and be happy, even when the world seems to want to bring you down. God is there. Let him carry you. You will find life is a little nicer.

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