Students eager for return of Politics & Pints


Michael Guido, News Editor

For the second year in a row, Gannon University students will have a chance to openly discuss the current events facing our world at the discussion-based Politics & Pints.
The event, which will be held this year at The Knight Club, was started last year by Jeff Bloodworth, Ph.D., history program director, and Peter Agresti, who holds a doctorate in law and serves as program director for legal studies.
When asked to describe what this event entails, Bloodworth emphasized its purpose.
“Politics & Pints is a venue where students can discuss politics and current events in a civil and fun atmosphere,” Bloodworth said.
“It was launched as part of the Public Service and Global Affairs major in order to make the study of politics and current events a greater part of students’ intellectual and social life at Gannon.”
At these events, students can win interesting prizes, snack on appetizers and have a group discussion on current events.
In the past, students have won prizes ranging from a T-shirt supporting the 1984 Walter Mondale-Geraldine Ferraro national presidential ticket to books pertaining to political thought.
Students discussed how having an event like this allows them to have an enjoyable night with friends and have interesting conversations.
“Politics and Pints made learning and talking about, not only politics, but current events really fun,” said Chloe Kernan, a sophomore public service and global affairs major.
“I’m stoked for another year of Politics & Pints because I know it can only get better.”
In a time where the political discourse seems to be almost nonexistent, some students say this offers a path toward an inviting and respectful night of dialogue.
“Politics & Pints serves as a great setting for students to discuss their opinions and ideas in a safe and respectful environment,” said Claudia Herrero, a sophomore public service and global affairs major.
“This can be an example of how an open political discussion works.”
“I’m super excited for the culture it brings and all of the great people that it brings together,” said Owen Balas, a sophomore legal studies major.
“I also love becoming more informed on the topics we talk about on each occasion.”

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