Political polarization takes over the city

Natalee Stinebiser, Asst. Editor

September 15, 2020

On Sunday, Sept. 6, a Make America Great Again (MAGA) boat and vehicle parade was held at Dobbins Landing. There, hundreds of people from inside and outside of Erie congregated to show support for their candidate of choice: Donald...

Please, no talking politics at the Thanksgiving table

November 20, 2019

Yes, you read that headline right coming from a political science major. I love talking politics as much as the next person; it’s been that way since I was probably 8, and I intend to have a career revolving around discussing,...

Double standards in politics

November 6, 2019

On Oct. 27, Katie Hill, a congresswoman from California’s 25th Congressional District, was pushed to resign from her short-lived position as a result of revenge porn posted by a jealous ex. Hill, just 29 when she announced...

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