Boost your intellectual wellness by learning new cultures

Intellectual wellness is the ability to open one’s mind new ideas and experiences by pursuing opportunities, challenging us to be attentive and to explore the world around us, exercising the mind.
There are several ways to improve your intellectual wellness such as reading for leisure and learning to play a musical instrument.
Another good way to boost your intellectual wellness is by learning a new culture. Thankfully, Gannon University has a very diverse campus, so you don’t have to leave Erie to experience a different culture.
There are international students from 53 countries, and several events are held throughout the school year by international student organizations and the Global Support office.
Some of these events include Saudi National Day, which is a celebration of the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia uniting to become a nation, Dashain festival organized by Nepali students, Navratri festival by Indian students and the International Night, which is held annually.
There is also a new program that is held monthly. Global Coffee Hours is a chance for students to come to the Global Support office lobby to mix and mingle, as well as to taste or hear something global. The next Global Coffee Hours will be held from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Friday, April 12.
Marilee Wilkosz, the international student adviser, said these events are important to both international and local students.
“It gives specific students the opportunity to showcase and share their culture with both local and other international students,” she said. “It also helps local students see international students as their peers. We have had local students tell us that they are not sure how to interact with international students they don’t know what to say to them or what to talk about. We need them to understand that international students are their fellow students and these events are to help understand where they are coming from as well as their way of life.”
On how learning new cultures can improve intellectual wellness, Wilkosz said there is so much outside Erie and the United States.
Many local students have not had the opportunity to leave the country or even Erie. These events are a way to show them that there is so much outside the U.S. that is so colorful, beautiful and, fascinating. “These events spark an interest in the students that will drive them to learn more about these cultures,” Wilkosz said.
Keeping an open mind and learning new cultures can help refine your reasoning and enhance your creativity. It is an interesting activity that can broaden your views on everything from food to religion. By taking the time to learn about someone’s cultural background, you may have a better understanding of their life.
Are you ready to improve your intellectual wellness? Then don’t miss this year’s International Night, which will be held Saturday at the Hammermill Center.
There will be food from 32 different countries and performances from student groups, faculty and community members.
As you dine on Saturday, remember that Gannon University Wellness will continue to suggest new ideas on how to improve your wellness journey.


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