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February 23, 2024

Vice President of Internal Affairs


Why are you running for this position?
The VP of Internal Affairs position is one of service to all SGA members. I would have the ability to focus on building community within the organization, so that we can best support the undergraduate student body. I would also have the opportunity to plan leadership retreats for the organization so that we will be able to most effectively run. In addition to this, I would be able to plan the banquets at the end of the semester to celebrate the successes of the organization. Overall, I am excited to focus on improving community within the organization and planning large- scale events.

Why do you believe students should vote for you?
I have prior experience both attending and planning retreats. I also have served on the SGA executive board for one term already and look forward to how I can help new members who are joining the board. A large portion of the role of Internal Affairs is knowing the organization as a whole and building relationships with other members. As a social work and theology major, I am constantly learning about the human person in a variety of dimensions. I believe a combination of my prior experiences, passions and strengths make me the best candidate for the position.

What are your goals if you are elected to this position?
For the past few years, SGA has not had a spring retreat. I would love to be able to plan and execute such an event. I believe it would give an opportunity for our members to properly reflect on the year so that they could understand how they could best serve the organization in the coming year. It would also help our members reflect on their own lives, passions and goals. We could use SGA as a platform to help students better know themselves and work toward achieving their long-term goals. In addition to this, I would like to overall streamline communication not only within the organization, but advocate for it throughout the university as a whole. I want to continue to advocate for the student experience and promote learning by engagement.

Why do you believe there are so few people running for SGA board this year?
Any position on the SGA executive board is a great time commitment. Many of our members are currently very involved on campus and have leadership roles in a variety of capacities. We recognize our members as students and human people first. We promote a healthy overall lifestyle for our members and encourage them to care for their wellness. Many of our members just simply do not have the time to fully commit to an executive board position. I do not see this as a problem, however, as I believe the general assembly members are the foundation of the organization.

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What are some of your accomplishments during your time in SGA?
For the past year, I have served as the VP of Technology for the organization. During my time, I have worked on a variety of projects. I launched a campus-wide promotion of the LiveSafe app by implementing new posters, handing out business cards with information on the app and giving information about the app at summer orientation. I also researched the current use of security cameras across campus as a way of ensuring students of their safety.

Through my work, I was able to inform students and general assembly members that the university has over 550 cameras across campus. In addition to this, I gained a better understanding of the system through which the cameras operate and now can articulate that to fellow students. My main project, however, has been representing the student body on a variety of committees focused on improving technological communication across the university. I have helped to look into the methods in which students prefer to receive communication, the frequency of the information they receive, and what is the important content for students. All of my accomplishments center around advocating for the students to ensure that all have a positive experience at Gannon.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
I am passionate about the Gannon undergraduate student experience. You cannot teach passion. I have an advanced understanding of the university, its mission, goals and strategic plan. I have experiences from a variety of departments across the university and therefore have a unique perspective to bring to the table. I believe my purpose in life is to cultivate and develop the potential within others through community building and empowering them to be able to live their best life. My roles in SGA and across the university have allowed me to live out my purpose. On a more personal and less serious note, I am able to put both my legs behind my head. I truly believe it is important to see others as human beings with a mix of serious passions and fun characteristics. I hope this explanation has helped you to enter into my reality a little more.

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