Finding God on Gannon’s campus: Uncovering personal reason to overcome stress of finals week


This has been quite the semester.
Starting grad school classes was not what I expected. I knew it would be harder, but the most difficult part was finding the balance needed to ensure that I was staying on top of everything.
What was once easy became overwhelming and life became much harder.
This past weekend, I attended a local church with friends.
During the sermon, I was bombarded with one of the biggest messages from God. It was as if I was somehow meant to show up to the service that morning just to hear those exact words.
The recent sermon series has taken popular songs and transformed the meaning behind them into ones that apply to what God would mean with the words.
This week, it was about finding a way to dig through the million reasons and find one true reason to stay. So, the church transformed the Lady Gaga song “A Million Reasons.”
And as the words struck my core, I could not help but feel that this is what I have been searching for these last few months.
Life throws us curveballs and obstacles that can make us give up and give in.
With each new packet of information, I felt defeated.
It was as if I knew that I could never be good enough to learn it and to actually find time to just be a person.
But, all I truly need is to find that one reason to stay.
This season, we are reminded of the sacrifice that God made by sending his only son to live and die for us.
Jesus spent his own time in prayer, stating that he did not feel that he would be able to get through it.
But as the pastor reminded us on Sunday, Jesus said, “but this is the reason that I came.”
We were Jesus’ one reason to stay.
This sense of love can transform our own thinking as we embark on the upcoming tests.
We can choose to give in and be devastated by the impending stress. Or we can rise above by keeping our sights on one thing.
Find your own reason to persevere and to stay.
The pastor’s words rang true when he stated, “It’s amazing what you can endure when you have a reason.”
I encourage you to take some time this season and find your reason.
It doesn’t need to be big or dramatic. And maybe it changes each morning you wake up.
For me, my reason is for a sense of hope that someday I can show someone the care and love they deserve at their most vulnerable moments.
Whatever the reason, find a way to put it at the front of your mind, allowing you to overcome the obstacles.
And remember that with this holiday season full of love and joy, you are loved beyond measure.
Because the God of all things had to find his own reason. And it was you.

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