History: Gannon student thankful for education

This week we take a look at Kendra Walker, a senior accounting and finance dual major, economics minor and president of Gannon’s Student Government Association (SGA).
Walker has been an active member of the Gannon community. Many may remember her as a speaker from the “Call to Community’”or her position on the SGA table at various campus events.
When asked what compelled her to choose Gannon, Walker said she “identified with the university’s mission and the idea of being transformed.”
“I felt like I just belonged and Gannon fit with where I saw myself in four years,” Walker added.
Now that her four years are almost up, Walker reminisced on her time here. Walker said that at one point during her freshman year, she was seriously considering transferring.
However, she said getting involved is what kept her here on campus. “The first few weeks I felt overwhelmed and disconnected,” Walker said. “That changed once I got involved in programs such as SGA, research assistance and the Schuster Theatre.”
Walker found herself growing connected to Gannon. Additionally, she said the personal development through involvement and the Honors program are things that have kept her bonded to Gannon.
Being as involved on campus as Walker is, there are a few things she would like to see in the future. “I want students to believe in their possibilities and do something about it,” Walker said. “I want to see more students get connected.”
Walker also wishes to give back to the university and hopes to create a scholarship fund for first generation or TRIO program qualifying students like her to travel abroad through Gannon.
Walker’s involvement in SGA is something she’s proud of. What got her into SGA in the first place? While many students in SGA have always been involved in student government, that was not the case for Walker.
It all started with a table that SGA had set up outside of Waldron Campus Center. Although she had never been in student government in high school, she picked up a pamphlet.
In that moment, she made the decision to “just jump into it,” a decision that would lead her to going from representative to vice president of finance to her current position as president.
What has kept Walker passionate about SGA all these years? She says it’s about transforming the lives of undergrad students as well as the overall purpose of empowering individuals and helping them feel worthy and fulfilled.
Walker also credited her amazing team for the successes of SGA, saying she could not have done any of this without them.
The most rewarding part of the job is when projects that have been brewing for years finally come together, she said.
Finally, Walker has some advice for first-year students wanting to get more involved on campus.
Through getting involved in the Honors program, getting to know your dean and looking for leadership opportunities, students can become engaged on campus.
But, most importantly, one should learn to embrace discomfort and go for anything even if it seems uncomfortable.
“Students should never think it’s too late to get involved in anything,” Walker said.


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