Finding God on Gannon’s campus

staff writer

From the time I came to Gannon, I have always found a home in Campus Ministry.
There were periods where I felt lost as a student and an individual, but my faith carried me through it all.
This year, I have joined the Student Pastoral Council, a group of 10 students from various backgrounds who come together to discuss the spiritual needs of students on campus.
Being a part of this group has opened my eyes to the true nature of spirituality on Gannon’s campus.
We are a collection of Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, agnostics and Jews.
Gannon is a melting pot that has worked on interfaith dialogue for many years now and there is still much work to be done.
Seeing where I stood as a freshman and how much I have grown, I know that my faith grew because of my time with faith mentors here.
It took just one individual to pull me aside individually and talk about the conversations that truly matter.
I feel that by taking a leadership role, I can hopefully do the same for others.
This past Friday, the Student Pastoral Council hosted the Gannon Gala, a dance at BrewErie that was open to all students and benefited the Erie City Mission.
During this time, I saw faces from all parts of the Gannon community.
It just showed the true nature of what Gannon stands for.
God did not call the kings and rulers of the land to spread his message, he called the outcasts.
So to anyone who feels that they may not yet belong here at Gannon: know that in God you truly belong.
There is much work to be done to reach the hearts of more students on campus.
Life-changing conversations and relationships must be built in order to move toward a space of true understanding and love.
But I know that we are on the path toward that ultimate goal.
I once felt alone, but knowing that someone was standing beside me in my faith journey was what I could turn to.
Now, as a junior, I find myself discussing deep theological concepts at lunches, in the hallways or at Park Place on a Thursday night.
God can mingle his way into a conversation any time and any place.
It just takes a small step outside of your comfort zone to truly grasp the nature of what God may have in store for you.
As someone who was once very unsure of it all, I know that taking this step is key to changing your heart.
Campus Ministry has helped me grow and I hope that you can bring your own input into the future of it.
For those interested in becoming a part of Campus Ministry or taking on a leadership role, email Rachel Nye at [email protected] or apply for a student leadership position through EngageU.
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