Beth Kropf; Vice President of Internal Affairs

Beth Kropf; Vice President of Internal Affairs

Why are you running for the position?
I am so excited about running for Vice President of Internal Affairs because the position is truly the heartbeat of SGA. The Vice President of Internal Affairs has the opportunity to make everyone in SGA feel like a valued member of the organization and boost morale during the semester and especially at the end-of-semester banquets.

What are your goals if you’re elected as Vice President of Internal Affairs?
If elected, I currently am looking to continue improving efficiency in our organization by using our Google Drive more. Also, I want to make the recognition of our SGA class and functional representatives more apparent because they are doing so much behind-the-scenes work on our campus.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/SGA?
During my time on SGA, I have served, and am currently serving, as the Freshman Class Secretary and am on the Hospitality Committee. Through both of these groups, I honed skills in taking meeting minutes, delegating tasks and reaching out to others for help. As a team, my fellow class representatives and I have made connections to our class as a whole by conducting surveys on campus and analyzing results. On the Hospitality Committee, we have organized a winter banquet and are currently in the process of planning our spring banquet. Individually, Student Government has allowed me to grow by strengthening my public speaking skills, encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone, giving me a critical eye to areas where Gannon can improve and building long-lasting friendships both within and outside of the organization.

Why should students vote for you?
I am very much ready to serve in the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs and am excited about the opportunity. Students can be confident in voting for me because the VP of IA position combines the characteristics of empathy, zeal and organization, which I possess. Not only that, but I have been serving in positions very similar to the VP of IA during my current year on SGA. As the Freshman Class secretary, I have a duty to make the agenda for class meetings, take attendance and keep minutes. These are all things that the Vice President of Internal Affairs does during General Assembly meetings. Likewise, as mentioned, I serve on the Hospitality Committee, which is overseen by the VP of IA. I feel that I am very fitting and prepared for the position.

Why do you think there aren’t many people running for the SGA board this year?
I am only slightly surprised that not many students are running for the Executive Board of Student Government this year. It is a very large time commitment; however, it pays off inexplicably. The students who are running for the Executive Board positions, however, are all very much suited and will succeed if elected to their positions.

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