Finding God on Gannon’s campus


staff writer

Chocolate-covered strawberries, bouquets of roses, romantic dinners and gushy cards.

Valentine’s Day has become full of all of the above.

From its inception and popularization as it became a “Hallmark Holiday,” the day itself has become one that some dread, while others adore.

Movies have mocked the poor single individuals who desperately search for someone to be their “valentine” for one day out of the year.

Surprisingly, within my own life, I have never felt truly alone on this day.

The creation of “Galentine’s Day” is something that I have learned to look forward to now.

Lots of chick flicks, pizza and drinks are on the table for this wonderful day when we celebrate the beauty of ourselves and of each other.

This year, Valentine’s Day might be slightly different.

This past January, my grandmother passed away peacefully, but the empty spot at the table is still felt.

For the past 56 years, my grandfather had his valentine by his side.

And for the first time, he will not have someone to buy a card for.

But maybe Valentine’s Day is not about just romantic love.

In a way, God is asking us to be his valentine day in and day out.

He loves us and wants us to enter into a relationship with him.

He is the ultimate valentine and I believe that his love is better than a few store-bought roses.

Yes, it is a day that is mocked and can become annoying with the commercialization, but the concept of this holiday is wonderful.

Take time for the ones you love and spend it with them, letting them know, as you should each day, that you care for them.

God gave you the greatest valentine card in the world through the forgiveness provided by the death of his son.

To understand this sacrifice is to truly see the immense love that he has for us.

The key is to not only give love, but to accept what is given to you.

So, as I spend another day here at Gannon celebrating my gals, I will actually be thinking of someone else.

While God is the ultimate valentine, I have someone else to call and ask “to be mine” on this day.

He might be a tad older than I am with a lot more tales to tell than I do, but I am hoping my grandpa would say yes.

Heck, I will even buy him the chocolates.

If there is one thing I learned about love, it is that it knows no end.

For a lifetime, my grandpa continued to look at my grandma with the most loving eyes, caring for her until her last days.

And even though this year he will not have his “sweethearter,” I know that they still have an endless love that does not just apply to one day a year.

Valentine’s Day: a time for taking the love God provides and showing it to others.

Just do not forget about the chocolate.


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