Finding God on Gannon’s campus


Time management is a skill many college students struggle with.

Balancing everything from classes and time with friends to clubs and organizations can be difficult, not to mention finding time to sleep and eat as well.

For student-athletes, planning around practices and games or meets adds yet another obstacle to the mix.

With all of this going on, it can seem impossible to find time for God.

In the midst of all of the stress, assignments, meetings and practices, where does your faith fit in?

Luckily, thanks to Campus Ministry, student-athletes now have a space to join together in community and fellowship.

As of last semester, Kyle Schumacher, one of the co-leaders of the Kirk House, and Brent Heckman, director of Campus Ministry, started a Student-Athlete Fellowship.

Student-Athlete Fellowship provides a place for any and all student-athletes to meet and discuss various challenges and how faith may play a role in them.

This semester, the sessions will focus on relationships — whether that be with parents, friends, a significant other, coaches, teammates, etc. — and the aspects of building healthy ones.

Group discussion and scripture reading are two of the main components incorporated into these meetings.

For those interested, fellowship is held at 4 p.m. every Monday in the Recreation and Wellness Center lounge.

It lasts no more than an hour, and it’s an excellent way to engage in your faith here on campus with fellow athletes.

Encourage your teammates to come as well and join us for a wonderful faith-sharing experience.


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