Finding God on Gannon’s Campus


Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Finals time.

It is a time for coffee at any point of the day and naps on our textbooks.

This fatigue-filled period is known to get the best of us.

My roommates and I brace ourselves for the impending mental breakdowns by stocking our freezer with ice cream.

Keeping your faith through this season is difficult.

Back at home, preparations for the holiday season are underway with the ending of another year coming right around the corner.

However, for us, all we can really see are the words on a study guide that we are attempting to cram into our brains last minute.

But, I pray that you do not lose sight of the reason for our own finals season.

With the knowledge we gain, we will leave this semester behind more enlightened than before.

Stress can tear us away from the sight of the forest as we sit and stare at only one tree.

I know that in times of stress, I forget to turn to the one who can actually get me through it.

Instead of prayer, I turn to study, replacing my Bible with a textbook.

But let us realize that this is not something we can go through alone.

We have our fellow students beside us and the one above to truly guide us.

When it ultimately comes down to it, my help does not come from Quizlet, but rather as Psalm 121:2 says, “My help comes from the lord, the maker of heaven and earth.”

So, stock up that freezer with ice cream and make that fourth (or seventh) cup of coffee, because you can power through this time.

Yes, finals season is tough. But it is also strangely peaceful.

We come together as a college community to study, cry, sleep, eat and repeat it all over again.

But, we are taken care of. Let Gannon feed you all the pancakes you can eat during the Mid-Knight Pancake Breakfast and let God feed your spirit with all the renewing energy you can take.

Before we know it, this semester will be over.

We will be packing up bags and heading home for a holiday season spent with family.

When we return, renewed in spirit and strength, may we realize the beauty of what God has in store for this upcoming year.

Do not let it be covered up by study guides and textbooks.


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