Halloween in the Halls to welcome trick-or-treaters

Gannon University’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) will be hosting the annual Halloween in the Halls event from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday.
According to Julia Baumgarner, the RHA director of service, Halloween in the Halls is a trick-or-treating event that allows children from the MLK Center, as well as the families of Gannon faculty and staff, to visit the residence halls on campus.
Baumgarner said that the event will feature hall decorations, activities and trick-or-treating that the children may participate in.
Activities will take place in the lobbies of Finegan, North and Wehrle Halls.
According to Baumgarner, the activities planned for the event are designed to allow the attendees to have a good time, as well as interact with current students.
“I hope attendees have fun and enjoy themselves,” she said.
“There are entertaining activities such as pumpkin decorating, a balloon maze and crafts.”
Baumgarner said that the event allows students to participate in an activity that ties campus to the Erie community.
“The reason why we have this event on campus is to include residents in service opportunities,” she said.
“This event connects the campus to the local community with trick or treating.”
At least 150 children are expected to attend this Halloween-themed event.
She said that the other members of RHA have done a great deal of help as far as planning the event and making sure everything will run smoothly.
Because of the large expected attendance, Baumgarner said that the biggest challenge of planning the event has been recruiting student volunteers.
She said that the rest of the planning process was easier, but volunteers are still appreciated.
To get involved and become a volunteer, students are encouraged to contact Baumgarner at [email protected]
Students may also participate by providing candy for the children who trick-or-treat in the halls.
Another way students may volunteer is to aid in directing the attendees of the event through the resident halls.
Students who decide to participate in the event and volunteer to give out candy are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes for the event.
Faculty and staff are welcome to bring their children and other family members to participate in the activities provided.

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