Dave Coulier laughs with GU


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Comedian Dave Coulier entertained a “full house” of students, faculty and Erie community members in Gannon University’s Hammermill Center on Monday evening.
The multitalented star showcased his stand-up comedy and left audience members chuckling after his set that lasted over an hour.
Coulier, best known for his role as Joey Gladstone on the ABC hit sitcom “Full House,” is an active voice actor, impressionist, author and television host in addition to his stand-up comedy act.
Sophomore journalism communication major and business minor Gabe Fulgenzio started things off at 7:30 p.m. as the opening act for Coulier.
Although his set was fairly short, Fulgenzio threw in a few jokes about Tinder, working out and, of course, attending a Catholic university.
Fulgenzio had a few funny lines that were memorable like relating himself to a “wheezing T-Rex” during cardio exercise.
Although his last joke wasn’t perhaps the funniest in his set, it still left the audience laughing, which made for a nice transition into Coulier’s introduction.
Coulier, welcomed with a hearty audience applause, was quick to throw in an early joke while settling into the stage about how to some audience disappointment, it was in fact himself present and not his former co-star John Stamos — Jesse Katsopolis on “Full House.”
He continued to talk about “Full House,” mentioning the recent success of the Netflix spinoff “Fuller House” and how much, or how little, money he makes off of the residuals for the show’s syndication.
Coulier then transitioned to talking about travel, focusing on airplanes and giving hilarious impressions of annoying types of passengers, overly friendly flight attendants and manly flight captains.
This comedic bit was a great introduction to his material for the evening and kept the audience entertained, thankfully with no cliché comedic mention of how awful airplane food is.
Coulier then spent some time on his voice talents, bringing to life familiar cartoon characters that everyone could easily recognize.
Throughout the night he voiced characters like Patrick and SpongeBob, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, Goofy and Mickey Mouse and the famous Mr.Woodchunk from “Full House.”
In addition to voicing these characters, Coulier also impersonated a number of famous celebrities including Matthew McConaughey, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks and Shaquille O’Neal.
These character voicings and impersonations were obviously hilarious and a hit amongst the audience, but were also unbelievably spot-on, making the set even more comical while acting as a testament to Coulier’s raw talent.
Aside from the impersonations, Coulier told a number of different funny running stories throughout the night, many of which included crude language and toilet humor.
While it was weird to see Uncle Joey cussing and mentioning vulgar topics, the material was still humorous and as Coulier said, “Farts are funny globally. They make everyone laugh.”
Although a current Los Angeles resident, Coulier mentioned that he was familiar with the Erie area, stating that he first visited the city for youth hockey, and that he had played Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club a few years ago.
Coulier recalled that Erie was “so cold and snowy,” and he wondered, “why aren’t these people dead yet,” which of course gained a lot of laughs from the Gannon students who are familiar with the Erie weather.
Before ending the show, Coulier took a serious moment to acknowledge the students present and encouraged them to make a positive difference as the future generation.
After this, Coulier ended the evening with a harmonica number that combined humor and his exceptional musical talents.
While all of the jokes of the evening were certainly funny, perhaps the most memorable moment was this harmonica solo that was meant to mimic a jazz singer.
This final bit of surprise musical talent was the perfect end to an act that showcased the many talents of Coulier, proving that he has much more to offer than simply being that guy from “Full House.”
There wasn’t a joke that wasn’t funny or moment that was too offensive, which is the goal of any successful comedian.
Overall this was certainly the highlight of Gannon’s 2107 Springtopia and a great event hosted by the Activities Programming Board (APB).

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