In case you missed it: SGA president reacts


The election has closed, the votes have been tallied and the winners of The Student Government Association (SGA) president and chief of staff have been announced.

Kendra Walker and Grant Kruszewski were announced as the winning ticket on Feb. 17 for the two executive positions with Walker as president and Kruszewski as chief of staff.

Walker, a sophomore finance and accounting major, said the instant she found out the election results was one of the most emotional moments of her life.

“I was really surprised and I just felt so honored because I really love SGA,” Walker said. “It said so much more than people liking me, it meant people agreed with me.”

Walker and Kruszewski’s campaign focused on student initiatives, club empowerment and internal growth.

Their mission statement stated that the duo is “dedicated to supporting all students,” and through providing funding opportunities and developmental needs, the two are “interested in empowering students while improving the infrastructure of [SGA].”

Walker and Kruszewski are both active members of numerous university clubs and organizations.

Walker, the former vice president of finance of SGA, is a work study at the Student Success Center and has been involved in numerous Schuster Theatre productions including “The White Snake.”

Krusewski, a junior accounting major, is a frequent staff writer for the arts and leisure section of the Gannon Knight, a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity and a student business owner.

Walker and Kruszewski focused their platform around student initiatives, club empowerment and internal growth.

The duo pledged on their campaign brochure that they would work for the students by reaching out to see what changes students would like to see on campus and maintaining communication with student suggestions.

The two also included information about club empowerment, stating that they plan to hold semester meetings for clubs to voice concerns and plan programs, as well as hold meetings for club leaders to socialize and share ideas.

When it comes to internal growth, Walker and Kruszewski plan to start project planning before summer break, create a mentoring system between old and new members and make sure roles fit members rather than forcing members to fit roles.

Although the goals are set high, Kruszewski said he is looking forward to his role as chief of staff.

“Kendra and I hope to make a true difference on campus, more than any other president and chief of staff duo ever has,” Kruszewski said.

When it comes to plans for office, Walker is also eager to move the process forward.

“I’m really excited to start helping people,” Walker said. “It’s not just me doing it — we’re in it together.”

Walker has begun an open spreadsheet posted on EngageU for students to edit and add in things they love about Gannon.

“I’m taking in a ton of input,” Walker said.

Students with ideas for current SGA offices or next year’s goals can contact Walker via email at [email protected]


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