Vice President of Technology


D’Briault Atemazem
Mechanical engineering major

Why are you running for the position?
I am running for the position of VP of Technology because I believe that we have a lot of technological items that we should be improving here on campus for the student body.

What are your goals if you’re elected to VP of Technology?
One of my main goals is continuing on with the project that the current VP of [technology] has established thus far and that will be creating a feed on the Gannon Blackboard website where students will be able to see calendars of what’s happening each day.
They will be able to write reviews about their professors or just have some questions that they’d like answered that we can follow back on.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/SGA?
I have established a lot actually. Being on SGA, I have edited programming activities like Hay Day where everyone — the whole student body — will get the chance to meet each other if they haven’t yet.
In addition to that, we have also presented freshman gifts for the next upcoming class.

Why should students vote for you?
Technically, students will not be able to vote for me because this is an acquired position, meaning it is given to you.

Who decides that?
It would have to be some unknown committee on SGA. I will have to apply and I will have to do an interview process. If I get the position, then that’s when I will begin.
But why should people support me? Well, people should support me because I actually have great plans and you know, one of my main goals in addition to the Gannon website will be establishing GU Gold machines on campus.
That way, students can just swipe their cards and see how much they have. If they would like to add more cash on it, they’d be able to do that, too.

Is there anything else you’d like students to know about you?
I want you all to know that the Student Government Association is always there for you and you guys deserve to know what’s happening. I’m there if you guys need it.

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