Vice President of Marketing and Communications


John Thomas “JT” Koch
Entrepreneuership and management major

Why are you running for Vice President of Marketing and Communications?
I’m running for the position because I believe sometimes some of the events on campus aren’t as well marketed as they should be.
I believe it should be an initiative for SGA since we do sometimes sponsor these events to get the name out there rather than just through what we’re typically doing, because an Instagram page of only 50 followers isn’t going to do very much to really get the word out there.
I belive we have to go out of the typical ways of promotion to be able to actually get students the information to be able to actually understand what’s going on, what the purpose is and how it can benefit them, because if it doesn’t really benefit anybody, there’s really no purpose for SGA to go out of its way to do so. That’s one of the reasons why.
I guess more on a personal note, I enjoyed being a part of SGA this year and I wanted to increase my involvement and I felt like what I’m learning in class right now will benefit not only myself but also will be able to allow me to be successful in whatever position I pursue.

What are your goals if you were elected as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications?
I want my main focus to be to increase awareness of events.
One of the big objectives of being Vice President of Marketing and Communications is to be able to advertise and promote events on campus, but also to be that medium between the students’ wants and being able to communicate their desires to SGA so it can better figure out what the student body wants to be able to see on campus and also to see how we can do it — maybe through a partnership with APB and Resident Life so we can actually promote these events and sort of facilitate them in a way that everyone can be a part of.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/in SGA?
My main focus on SGA this year was the Budget and Finance Committee because it was the biggest time involvement.
With the committee, I was able to first hand see some of the plans that students are taking and initiatives that they’re taking to be able to bring events on campus. I got sort of an idea of what they were doing [while] being in the role of a member of that committee who had a first hand vote of what exactly goes on and how it goes on.
I’d say that’s probably the biggest contribution I’ve given to SGA this year, though the freshman class is having a pretty large event that will be going on I belive mid-April. That’s exciting to see how it’s progressing as it’s been going.

Along with that, my contributions on campus have been through the Honors Program. I’ve tried to help Dr. Bomberger in the organization when I’m available by connecting with potential students.
So, one thing I did was make myself a resource if anybody needed to be reached out to, or Knights with Scholars and also working hands-on with the orientation in November that was held in the Rec Center.
One of my main goals — at least for this semester — was to increase the community service that Alpha Kappa Psi does. That’s one of my bigger initiatives that I’m currently working on right now.

Why should the students vote for you?
Students should vote for me because when I put my mind to something, I strive to complete it in the best way that I can.
Out of the students running for executive board positions, I’m the only business major, so I believe the position really fits to what I’m learning.
I believe the classes I’m taking will help to facilitate my knowledge of the field and will be able to better serve the community through that manner.

Is there anything you’d like them to know about you?
I guess in this regard, not really.

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