Finding God on Gannon’s campus: Students travel to Pittsburgh for weekend of worship, discovery


Life changing. Eye-opening. Transforming. All of these are terms used to describe Jubilee, a weekend experience in Pittsburgh.
The annual event is hosted by the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) and is open to college students from all over, including Gannon University.
This past weekend, students from Gannon, with the coordination and planning of Restore Campus Ministry group, packed up their bags and headed out for a weekend full of worship and discovery.
Arriving Friday night at a fancy hotel in the middle of Pittsburgh seemed like an adventure in and of itself, but so much more was in store.
The layout of the weekend follows a storyline that relates to humankind’s relationship with God seen throughout the Bible: creation, the fall, redemption and restoration.
Speakers from all over the country attend to inspire students to understand Christ, their relationship with him and how they can live out their faith through their major.
Aside from speakers, the music sessions provide intimate moments to worship alongside others in a judgment-free environment where all can come and love.
For this year’s conference, surprises were in store with the famous performer Lecrae and other famous speakers, including Ekemini Uwan and Anthony Bradley.
Last year, I was able to travel down to Jubilee and it was such a joyful experience.
I grew closer to the group I was with and I found so much inspiration that I could take back to Gannon with me.
Whether it is your first time or not, the experience can impact you in so many ways.
Sophomore physician assistant major Grace Dennis attended for the first time this past weekend and found a welcoming environment where she could truly be herself while worshiping the Lord.
“It was so wonderful,” Dennis said. “ It was a very spiritual experience in the sense that everyone could worship however they felt most comfortable and no one was judging anyone. We were all just in the presence of the Lord.”
Meanwhile, Abby Blankenship, co-director of Kirk House campus ministry, attended Jubilee for the fifth time and was still in awe at the end of Sunday’s final session.
“I think this was my favorite Jubilee yet; from the worship to the caliber of speakers, it was bigger and better than before,” Blankenship said.
“There is nothing like 4,000 people in one room worshipping our sovereign God.”
Whether you come from a Christian background or decide to just go along for the ride, these three days can change your life.
It takes what you have within you and transforms it into something brand new.
“We were amazed by the story of creation,” Blankenship said.
“We were heartbroken and challenged by the fall. We were rejoicing by the power of redemption. And we are called into action through God’s restoration.”
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