Finding God on Gannon’s campus: ‘The Well’ focuses on gift of fortitude, perseverance


“Fortitude is not asking God the question why, but rather the question, what next?”
These words were spoken by Maggie Bahm, a Gannon University senior theology major, at the most recent installment of The Well, an ecumenical worship service hosted by Campus Ministry, on Thursday. Bahm spoke on fortitude as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Throughout the year, this worship experience has focused on “The Promise” of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to utilize these gifts in our daily lives.
Each session begins with two praise and worship songs and a chosen speaker gives a testimony on his or her experience of the featured gift along with ideas for how each person can use these in his or her daily life.
Of all the installments of The Well, this one held a beautiful testimony of the mystical ways of God.
Bahm focused on life as a journey that may lead you to a place that you love, but have to leave to go a place that you don’t love at all, finally returning to a place you never thought you could love again. Despite the challenges that come along with transitioning into new phases of your life, this journey must be faced with the strength only God can give to you.
As each transition of life occurs, the only strength or reason to keep going must come from God himself. The most profound statement of this talk was the idea that most of the time, the answer is not given as to why things occur in your lifetime. Rather, you must ask, “How can I continue to follow the will of God, given my current state?”
Rather than asking the question why, the real strength comes from asking the question, “What can I or should I do next?”
The most important lesson in humility is recognizing that the will of God is not known to anyone for most of his or her life. You must simply allow Christ to take over and let him lift you up and to be the strength for you.
For college students, this message is important when facing the shifting ways of life and the decisions that will affect your life forever.
This installment of The Well was highly impactful. Bahm presented a profound way of thinking that was applicable for each student to hear, whether he or she was a freshman or a senior.
Along with that, the most beautiful part of The Well is the open and welcoming atmosphere that invites any type of Christian tradition to worship and celebrate God in a very relaxing and “coffee shop-like” setting with others who know and believe in the Spirit and all it contains.
Overall, I found that the highest impact came just as Bahm spoke the last words of her testimony.
“In order to fully find fortitude, you have surrender what you want and ask God what he wants,” Bahm said.
The service closed as the words of the closing song rang through an accepting and welcoming room.
The next session of The Well will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, March 16, in Room 219 of the Waldron Campus Center. Abby Blankenship, the co-director of Kirk House campus ministry, will present on the gift of piety.

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