Location acquired for temporary library


Gannon University’s Nash Library is set to begin renovations in the summer and looks to reopen in the 2018 spring semester.
Every floor in Nash is expected to see a remodeling and upgrade, which means there needs to be a location to house the books and the students.
The university purchased the Verizon building adjacent to the Robert H. Morosky Academic Center for $1.65 million as the interim library location. Students will have access to the building through Morosky as well as the main entrance on West Ninth Street.
Linda Wagner, vice president of finance, said the Verizon building needs only minor work such as lighting, heating and cooling. She said the university decided to purchase the building instead of lease because it made more sense. To lease the building, it would have cost Gannon $500,000, but now it will own it at the end of the transition, she said.
“It is already equiped for study carrels, is wired for computers and has ample study space,” Wagner said. “You couldn’t have asked for a better space.”
With the purchase just being closed, Verizon is still clearing out of the space. Gannon expects to begin moving the books that are used most and other library supplies at the end of May. Keith Taylor, Ph.D., university president, said Gannon is hiring a professional moving company to move the books in order to maintain the filing order and to avoid damage.
He said the Verizon building was a great purchase and will make a great interim library.
Jessica Edmonson, a junior advterising and communication major, said she is excited about the location of the temporary library.
“I spend a lot of time in the library every day so I find it convenient that the temporary library is connected to Morosky so I have access to the Morosky cafe,” Edmondson said.
Nash Library’s renovations were designed by Shelane Buehler & Associates and Mark Freeman from Perry Dean Rogers Partners Architects. The library will be upgraded to a more modern design and create more study space for students.
Wagner said students should expect two new entrances on Sixth and Seventh streets, a cafe located on the first floor, 46 study rooms as compared to the current 17, a green roof, a computer lab and the STEM and Writing Center will now be located in the library. The exterior of the library will be more open and transparent to bring more light in.

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