Masters to return to Gannon


Former Gannon University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Carolynn Masters, Ph. D., will return to work after the current academic year.
Masters said she will be returning to the Gannon community full time on July 1 as the dean of Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences.
Masters said that until then, she will be working remotely on special projects and will come to campus to attend meetings.
Until Masters returns full time, she will assist Kris Legters, Ph. D., with the work she is undertaking as interim dean of Morosky.
Masters has been working at Gannon for the past 16 years. When she first came to Gannon, she was the director for the Villa Maria School of Nursing.
She then went on to become dean of the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences, which she held for seven years.
She then became the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, the position she held when she took her leave of absence.
Masters said that her leave of absence has been longer than she anticipated. After she returns, her leave will have been nearly eight months.
Masters resigned back in November due to personal reasons and needing to be with her family.
Masters said that her husband, who suffered a stroke, is in a much healthier place than he was in November.
“We have been so blessed to have such a good recovery,” Masters said. “Gannon is such a good place. They have been so supportive of my leave of absence and have been with me all the way.”
Masters said that she is happy to be returning to her role of dean of Morosky.
“I really loved that position when I was in it before,” Masters said. “I believe that it really is my calling and I’m looking forward to returning.”
Masters also said that she is happy to be a part of Gannon’s community.
“I thank god that I was at Gannon when all of this happened.” Masters said. “We have such a loving and caring community here and I am so lucky and blessed to be a part of it.”

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