Gannon’s literary magazine wins 2 awards

Gannons literary magazine wins 2 awards

Totem, Gannon University’s student-produced literary magazine, was awarded first place with special merit for the fifth consecutive year and, for the first time, first place for its outstanding design concept.
The awards were given to the 2015 production of Totem and were given by the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA).
Totem was entered in the category of publications from colleges with an enrollment of over 2,501 students.
Berwyn Moore, adviser to Totem’s staff and a professor in the English department, said this year, Totem earned 990 points out of 1,000 for the categories of content coverage, organization, design, presentation and creativity.
“For the last few years, the designs have been very artistic,” Moore said. “It’s kind of ironic – we have more technology to work with but the students have been going back to these artistic designs that require hand work.
“The book, itself, becomes a work of art.”
Moore also said that Totem has received an award from ASPA each year for the past 20 years.
Samantha Janik, Totem’s 2015 editor and a recent Gannon graduate, designed the binding style of the winning issue. The issue was bound in an accordion style and the Totem staff bound the books by hand.
Janik said that creating a design concept was the most challenging part.
“I wanted the edition to have the same feel as past ones but also stand out,” Janik said. “Knowing the legacy that Totem has, I was definitely nervous.
“It was really exciting when I found out Totem won. I’m glad it was so well-received because we really did pour our hearts into this edition.”
Bethany Lewis, a senior English major and editor for Totem, said that since Totem started breaking out of the typical bound-book mold, there’s always been something unique about the design.
“The design each year is a product of the staff’s choices,” Lewis said. “This year we’re going with a less elaborate structure and instead playing with the material and color.”
Lewis also said that the upcoming edition of Totem will be unique in its own way.
“Rather than thinking of different editions as being in competition, it’s better to look at each as being unique and a product of its creators.
“We try to make the book into art, and art is subjective.”
Totem is a literary arts magazine that gathers work from the Gannon community and is produced each year by a staff of Gannon students.
The staff is currently in production of the magazine. Totem will be revealed at the English Awards Night on April 13.

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