Gannon hosts T. R. A. V. E. L. Expo


Students were given the opportunity to learn about Gannon University’s T.R.A.V.E.L. Program at this year’s T.R.A.V.E.L. Expo held Tuesday in the Yehl Ballroom.

T.R.A.V.E.L. stands for Transforming Residents Abroad Via Engaged Learning. The objective of this program is to give students living on campus the opportunity to become part of a community that studies destinations abroad on their own and during regular community meetings throughout the school year.

These informative meetings not only keep students on track with their payments and fundraising, but they also consist of student-led presentations, the viewing and discussion of films, the preparation of common meals from the destinations and more.

Students who attended this year’s expo had the opportunity to speak with past participants about their experiences abroad. They also were able to view posters representing different trips offered last year and view information about future trips.

Leigh Tischler, a junior English major, spoke about her trip to Australia that was made possible through the T.R.A.V.E.L. program.

Tischler emphasized that the trip itinerary is adaptable and subject to change to better suit the group’s interests before and even during the trip. For example, she said her group canceled the planned bike tour because they decided to atted a tour known as the Penguin Parade.

Taylor Rasey, a political science and legal studies major, discussed her trip to England and France, where she visited castles and saw where Shakespeare was born.

“We went to Oxford, which was my favorite part,” she said.

The T.R.A.V.E.L. program offers similar trips to England, Italy, Australia and Ireland every May, but the trips differ from each other because of the activities available during the time of travel and which activities and topics are chosen by the students.

Students were reminded that if none of the trips sparked their interest, they are able to contact the T.R.A.V.E.L. program coordinators and plan their own trip.

To apply for a trip, students must agree to live in an on-campus community with their group of 8-14 people and must also maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and attend the meetings.

Students accepted into this program are given a $1,000 scholarship toward their trip’s expenses if they live on campus the following year. Students are also given leadership opportunities and a greater chance of receiving the upperclassman housing of their choice.

Trips range from 10 to 13 days, and the cost varies by destination. After fundraising and scholarships, Rasey’s trip to England and France cost her $1,300 out-of-pocket.

Students who are interested in the T. R. A. V. E. L. Program should contact Program Director Rebecca Perry at [email protected]



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