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Editor thinks everyone should have mentor

I feel that everyone should have someone who inspires them and helps become the best possible person that they can be. A mentor of some sorts. I was lucky enough to have found my person that I can go to for anything over the summer.

I was doing what I always do over the summer, playing Ultimate Frisbee. That’s when I met Anthony. I was telling him about the different public relations activities I have been doing and what I want to do with my life. After I told him all about myself he shared with me that he is me in about 10 years.

He played Ultimate Frisbee and did the public relations work for the team while in college. He tried to bring the sport to the community and was successful.

As I got to know him better, I was shocked by all the similarities we shared. We have the same hobbies, goals and similar life styles.

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Now Anthony owns a few small companies, does public relations work and has invented his own game that is being produced right now. I consider him very successful and to be a happy person. He is someone that I would like to be like in the future.

Since he considers us the same person, he feels a sense of duty to help me in every way possible. Little by little he is teaching me things that I could never learn in any classroom.

The best part is that he is always looking for new things to teach me. He may not be around very often, but I am still always receiving new things to look at and learn from.

Over the last several months I have watched and listened to different leadership interviews, done some freelance work for him, tested my own skills that I didn’t know I had and now I am reading a new book on leadership that is teaching me a lot more than I thought possible.

When Anthony introduces me to someone, he says that I am him 10 years ago or refers to me as his little prodigy. Not only is this a wonderful comment but it’s a giant morale booster.  He always is inspiring and reminds me of all the wonderful things that I can do in life.

Not only is he trying to help me out in the business world, but is a great friend. He is always someone I look to for advice in all aspects of life. Whenever I have a problem, I know that I can count on him to give me his honest opinion.

Everyone should have a person like him. An adviser, teacher, friend or parent can only do so much. Are they where you want to be in life? Are they willing to help get you the skills and contacts you need to get there? After all that, are they your friend that you can count on? I never thought I needed a mentor but now I am highly recommending it.



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