Whitman designated ugly, fat friend status


Mae Whitman proves that “The DUFF” can dazzle, too, in this charming, romantic comedy.

Whitman plays high school senior Bianca, whose world is seemingly turned upside down when she is rudely informed that the Designated Ugly Fat Friend in her friend group is none other than herself.

Desperate to impress Toby (Nick Eversman), the hunky musician she’s crushing on, Bianca enlists the help of Wesley (Robbie Amell), her childhood friend and neighbor turned dreamy jock, to help her shake off her DUFF status.

My friend and I were not planning on seeing this movie upon arriving at the theater. We were dead-set on seeing some award-winning drama that would probably make us really sad.

However, we had a last-minute change of heart and thought “The DUFF” would be good for a laugh, which we both desperately needed at the time. As it would turn out, this movie was good for that and so much more. The movie had not been playing even 10 minutes before we were nearly in tears, laughing.

Though wildly cheeky on the surface, this film delivers many positive, uplifting messages for its viewers. First and foremost is that one should always embrace and stay true to themselves. Fronted by a powerful female figure, Bianca proves time after time that the best thing anyone can do is stand up for oneself and face bullies with unwavering confidence.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this film is that the heroine did not have to change who she was to get the man of her dreams. This important message seems to be rather absent in entertainment today.

The unlikely friendship of Bianca and Wesley is portrayed rather well by Whitman and Amell. One would easily believe the two were best friends in real life. They share some hilarious and heartwarming scenes together between him helping her be cooler and her helping him pass classes.

The classic high school queen bee antagonist is played by Bella Thorne, who gives a fierce and fiery performance. However, my favorite character was played by the incredible Allison Janney. Grief counseling specialist and Bianca’s mother, Janney’s character parents in the same way she helps her clients get through divorces—with a nice, easy five-step process. As a whole, the cast of this film is outstanding.

If you are looking for a feel-good movie to see on a night out with the gals, this is absolutely the movie for you. It is always hard for me to resist cheesy rom-coms such as this, but this movie especially is one for all to enjoy. Whether you need a pick-me-up or are just looking to see a good movie, I would definitely recommend “The DUFF.”



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