Buzzfeed makes for hard-to-break addiction

Does anyone else watch Buzzfeed videos or read its articles? I must admit that I am truly addicted to them. I liked a few of its pages on Facebook and now I just cannot get away from them.

Every time I get online either one of my friends is sharing something or I see that one of the pages has posted some new.

Then I just have to watch or read it. If I have homework that is online, I almost always get distracted because of this obsession. I also tend to take breaks from homework to watch a few videos.

Most of the videos are very relatable to everyone. For example, one is called “Everything that can go wrong while eating.” Everyone can relate to this, which is why it is funny.

There are other types of videos that only certain people can relate to, like “Things girls love to secretly do alone.” I obviously can relate to this one which is why I love it. The best part is, there is an endless supply of videos like this one.

Sometimes there are videos where people are trying something for the first time.

When I look on their page the first thing I see is “People try cross-fit for the first time.” I have never tried cross-fit or know much about it. Now I feel like I know all about it and what it would be like if I tried it out.

Other types of videos sometimes are when a group of people tell their story about something or try weird kinds of food.

Recently the site posted one about snacks from Middle Eastern countries. These are not my favorite, but I just can’t stop watching them.

Once in a while there are videos that are a little bit more “hard hitting.” For example I just saw one about gender neutral bathrooms.

This is something I have not come across and never really thought much about. It’s interesting to hear what some people have to say about it and how these bathrooms are becoming required in some places.

One of the hosts from WERG talks about the Buzzfeed quizzes. I normally don’t even bother looking at these, but some of them are so obscure. My only question is how they come up with this stuff.

It’s crazy that it’s someone’s job to sit around all day and come up with these crazy quizzes and make these funny videos all day long. It sounds like such a great job.

I’m sure everyone has something that tends to distract them while they are supposed to be doing homework or something else. It’s almost like an addiction that you just can’t break.



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