Editor looks at Valentine’s Day differently

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly already. At this time of the year everything is pink, red and about love. Most people make plans for going to a nice dinner or going to see a romantic movie; however, not me.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think about Ultimate Frisbee. Call me crazy, but I do.

Last year I went out to a nice dinner with my boyfriend at the time.

It was crazy busy at the restaurant with a million couples just like us. But only they weren’t like us. They weren’t eating to fill themselves up and prepare for a night filled of Ultimate.

Starting at around 10 p.m. we went up to Family First Sports Park to compete on a team for the inaugural Huck Through The Heart tournament.

Last year was the first year for it and it was wonderful. There tends to be a lot of people who date and play Ultimate together, so what better way to spend the holiday then with each other playing the sport you both love?

That’s exactly what I plan on doing again this year. Although I don’t have a boyfriend to go to dinner with before, I can still get together with my team and share some love.

I don’t think everyone has to jump on the “Valentine’s Day is for couples” bandwagon.

I don’t have a boyfriend, but I still plan on going out and doing something. I would be doing this no matter what day of the year it was.

I hate that people have to make a big deal of this “holiday.” Couples should go out and treat each other nicely every day. There should not have to be a special occasion once a year.

A girl I work with said that she and her fiancé aren’t going to do anything because she doesn’t need a special day for him to be romantic to her. He is every day.

Of course all of the girls at work “awe” to that since that is not something most people experience in a relationship. However, I think we all experience romance at some point. Normally it’s at the beginning of a relationship when you are still trying to impress each other.

Flowers, poems, candy, romantic nights, all that good stuff. But that’s not how most relationships continue after some time. Not everyone is engaged and still feels that sense of romance. It’s sad that it’s almost a rare case to hear about such a romantic couple.

Now that’s what I think it should be about: real love and appreciation. That is why this year I am showing my love, once again, to Ultimate Frisbee.



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