New app makes it possible to get news on the go

The New York Times is offering a new iPhone app called “NYT Now” with unlimited use for college students. Gannon University has partnered up for The New York Times to offer this free to all students on campus.

This resource allows users to search all articles and save them for later. As a research tool, this can be very valuable. NYT Now is made to be interactive with users but also highlights the most important articles, making it easy to use on the go.

The difference from this and the normal New York Times app is that that the original app is just a digital newspaper and the NYT Now is made to be interactive with the reader. It also provides morning and afternoon briefings for a quick update.

Access to the app is simple. First download “NYT Now” on your phone and then you sign in using your Gannon email. Once you have this app, you have all the news right at your fingertips.


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