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Recent drama doesn’t have to effect comedy

This past weekend I went with my mom, dad and brother to see Bill Cosby. I must admit, we were a little worried about going because of all the recent drama involving him.

The Warner Theater was packed with people. Outside, news crews were interviewing people going in for the show. All were asking the same questions about their opinion of Bill Cosby and what they thought to be true. I was glad that it was just the news there, not boycotters or people causing problems.

Several of his shows have been canceled this week because of the recent “problems” and I can honestly say that I am so glad that this one wasn’t. I thought the show was amazing. My fear was that when he came out, people would start booing him. Luckily, this didn’t happen.

He was so funny that he had the whole crowd laughing the whole time. There were jokes ranging from calling his friend to talking about his grandkids to his wife. Everything that he talked about were real life stories and were very relatable. When he talked about being a grandfather, I pictured my grandpa because he sounded just like him. Then Cosby was talking about his controlling wife and I saw my mom. Sounded so much like a typical wife!

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The show was ended with a joke about picking nose hairs. When have nose hairs ever been made funny? Cosby made it look so easy to get a whole crowd laughing over something so silly.

It is hard to believe that Bill Cosby does not have as good of morals as he seems.

All the jokes were clean and appropriate for all audiences. This is good because I was sitting next to my parents. Who wants to go to a show where you feel awkward because your parents are there? Definitely not me!

Bill Cosby is one of those comedians that we all grew up with. He was the hysterical dad on TV that we all knew and loved. There is no denying that. His show was always shaped around good morals, just like his comedy act he is doing now.

I honestly can’t believe that he is not that great guy that we all thought we knew. There would be no reason for him to structure his whole life around good morals if he really wasn’t living by them himself.

Why would someone portray such a false image for so many years? I don’t think they would. It would be way too hard and what would be the point.

I really hope that everything that is suddenly coming out about Billy Cosby isn’ true. It will shatter a lot of people’s beliefs about him. It is already hard enough to believe that there are good people still out there. I will be praying that it isn’t true.



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