Movie can change views on food forever

I’m going to start off by saying that I am not a vegetarian, vegan or anything else for that matter.

Growing up, my best friend was a vegetarian and I was always picky. There were certain foods that I would not eat.

Often I had friends who would ask me if I was a vegetarian because of my tendency to get everything without meat. I had no real reason for this, besides the fact that some foods just freaked me out.

This past week I had to watch “Food Inc.” for my ethics class.

Because of this movie, I now want to change my lifestyle even more. But this time I have a reason.

I am not going to try to become a vegetarian, but I do want to eat better.

I plan on starting to buy more organic foods. The only problem with this is the price. I am trying to look past the price because of what I learned.

The makers of the movie point out how organic foods cost more during the movie.

As they put it, each time you buy organic foods, you are voting for it.

If everybody started to only buy those foods, then all companies would be forced to make their products better.

The way that animals were tortured kills me. I cannot stand the idea of injecting and generically changing animals so that there is more food produced at a cheaper cost.

Some things are worth paying more for and I believe organic products is one of them.

My family used to buy half a cow or pig to split. It was be cleaned, cut and frozen for us. This is one example of the food I want to eat all the time.

We knew that the animals were treated right. They were not injected with anything so that they would grow bigger. It was clean, healthy meat. Why can’t all meat be this healthy for the sake of what is right?

No amount of money would make me treat my animals like that if I were a farmer. Those poor animals were kept in buildings with no windows and where they were climbing all over each other. I cannot see how that is OK in any degree.

This is why I want to change my lifestyle. I do not want to eat animals that were tortured and I do not want to eat things that have been changed and messed with so that companies can save money.

I hope that I am not the only one who feels this way. If everyone stands up against companies that do this, they will have to change.

I pledge to buy food that is organic and the way that it is supposed to be. Who is with me?



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