Laundry and finances versus trigonometry

They say college is the most stressful time in a person’s life and I am starting to believe that. I found a couple gray hairs the other day.

College is a very stressful time for anyone, no matter what major you are in and how well together you think your life is. It gets even more stressful as you get closer and closer to finishing school – surprisingly.

We are young adults and we are handling responsibilities that we weren’t necessarily prepared for in high school. I don’t remember learning how to handle a heavy workload and managing my time during high school because they held your hands through it all.

High school doesn’t prepare you for real-life situations that cause stress in your life. They choose your schedules, you have classes that aren’t difficult, if you get a low grade you could always bring it up somehow so there was no need to really apply yourself and you didn’t have to really make your own decisions.

Once you hit college, however, it’s completely different. You have to manage your finances, plan your schedules and manage your time around school and homework. On top of all that, you could possibly work, play a sport or even both.

I don’t remember being taught how to manage finances; I am sure that would have been more useful than being forced into a class that I would have no use for in the real world — for example trigonometry.

Some students have never had to fend for themselves; some don’t even know how to do laundry. But you don’t know what you need to be prepared for until you are neck deep in it all. College really opens your eyes to real-life situations and tests your limits.

Seeing that kid speed walk to class with messy hair and dirty clothes is a usual occurance on a college campus; because they probably never learned how to do their laundry or manage their time. Now, I am not saying that high school didn’t educate us; I am just saying I feel they didn’t teach us the right things.

High school was supposed to prepare us for college; it is literally the stepping stone to college. But why are we so stressed and unorganized?

I am very disappointed in the preparation high school gave me. Thankfully I had to start managing my time in middle school because of my sports and work, but even that didn’t prepare me for this.

I am slowly getting a grasp on how to manage my life, but it’s still overwhelming. This has definitely been a very useful experience to have gone through. I just kind of wish I didn’t have to be thrown to the wolves to experience it.



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