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Holiday needs to stop perpetuating sexist ideals

The film “Mean Girls” describes Halloween as the only day of the year where girls can wear lingerie in public and it’s considered socially acceptable. We’ve seen this idea perpetuated by Reese Witherspoon via Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde.” While we have the same surname, I assure you I have no relation to the fictional character best known for her pink, scented resume paper.

We share the same last name, but I do not share the same ideals about Halloween fashion. Furthermore, unless your name is Karen, it is not OK to wear a black Lacie and mouse ears and call that a Halloween costume.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of both films. However, I am not a fan of the sexist ideals that women allow to be perpetuated by wearing skimpy and poorly conceived Halloween attire. We as women have the brain power to think of something clever. Stop being a “slutty pumpkin.”

The sexism is not solely attributed to the female species. Men are sporting plenty of provocative outfits with little thought into the concept of what they’re wearing.

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it, but actually flaunt it. Do something that is creative. Being a caveman who only wears one scrappy looking piece of brown T-shirt material around his waist — unacceptable. Dressing as a fireman complete with pants, hat and suspenders, who mysteriously lost his shirt in the fire — better.

There is one special day a year that we are encouraged to dress up and parade our outfits around our community. Why waste that day on an unoriginal or uncreative costume piece just so you can show some skin? Challenge the social stigma that says that Halloween costumes have to be risqué. I say, be more creative than that. Showcase your great personality rather than your other assets.

One of the best, simple ideas I saw last year that shared some personality was when someone painted their head like a basketball. It wasn’t an elaborate costume and it probably didn’t even take them long, yet it communicated their passion for the orange ball and was much more original than the flannel shirt cowgirl, who in truth probably doesn’t care much for Western culture.

There’s a cornucopia of options in the realm of scary costumes. When I ran the Zombie 5k last year, there were some really creative zombie imaginings. There were two very graphic-looking zombie doctors, a pregnant zombie nun and best of all, a zombie bride. She was evidently bitterly divorced because the beautiful gown, elegantly beaded the whole way down the train, had been enthusiastically shredded and bloodied.

Character costumes tend to be my favorite to see. I love seeing pop culture parading around campus. I saw some really great Walter Whites from “Breaking Bad” last year. Classic characters like Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine are all great resources to pull from if you happen to look the part. Obviously as a 5-foot-2-inch female, I’m not first pick for Wolverine, but any guy with medium length brown hair and a leather jacket has a great go-to.

Social commentary costumes are something to think about. Barack Obama is a simple costume to pull off. You really only need a black suit and the right genes. I anticipate seeing at least a handful of Ebola themed costumes this year.

Whatever you wear on Friday, make sure you remember what your mom said and make good choices. October is a chilly time in Erie, and frostbite isn’t a good look on anyone.

Make note to dress for the weather while you’re dressing up for this fun holiday.


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