Editor decides she is anti-public school system

During my freshman year, I could always tell the private and home-schooled students apart from the public school kids such as myself.

I was always a good student. I got A’s and B’s in honors and AP classes in high school. With this being said, I struggled freshman year.

The thing that was the hardest for me was my writing skills. As I took College Composition and other classes that required a lot of writing, I began to realize that I had to put in so much more work than some of the other students.

As my friend Chris said, “In Prep we learned how to write 10-page papers in our sleep.” I don’t remember ever having to do that during my time in the public education system. Writing anything that was more than a few pages was difficult for me.

The worst part was that I thought I was coming into college oh-so-prepared. Meanwhile, I had to work extra hard for my grades while my friends from private schools were bragging about how easy everything is.

Now that I have gone through what I have to get where I am now, I want my siblings to get ahead.

This is why I helped push my parents into cyber schooling my little brother, who’s in eighth grade, and my sister, who’s in fifth. Now, they are both in their second year of being cyber schooled.

I always used to think that paying for school, when a free education is available, was a dumb idea. As time went on, I saw firsthand the benefits of their education versus mine.

Every day I can see the tremendous leaps they have made since they have been out of public school.

Being a teacher, my mom quickly knew that she could teach them the things that they should have learned already plus so much more.

Whenever we tell someone for the first time that the kids are cyber schooled, people tend to think that it’s for “slackers” or kids wanting to avoid school.

This is definitely not the case. We could prove it with their PSSA scores that skyrocketed after the end of last year.

I am sure that every public school is not the same. However, my family’s experience is leaving me with these negative feelings toward the whole system.

And if my younger siblings are going through the same things, we can’t be the only ones, right?



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