AlumKnights: Mentoring Program created

Last year, the National Alumni Board was involved in a pilot project, which brought together alumni and students in a mentoring program, known as the Mentoring Assistance Program (“MAP”).

The National Alumni Board received comments from both students and mentors.

The National Alumni Board has reviewed those comments with a goal of rolling out MAP to the entire student body and to the alumni at large.

The purpose of MAP is to provide the means by which students can reach out to alumni on matters such as course selection, graduate school information and career information.

You will be able to participate in the program by first contacting Erin Sekerak ’04, associate director of Alumni Services, to express interest in the program.

You will then have a meeting to discuss what you are looking for from a mentor.

A mentor will be selected for you based upon that conversation.

The mentor would then contact you through an introductory email.

Current alumni benefited from the advice that they received from alumni.

Many of those alumni are excited about the opportunity to be of assistance to current students through MAP.

The National Alumni Board hopes that you will take advantage of the experience and perspective of Gannon alumni by participating in MAP.

Feel free to stop by and see us on the front steps of Old Main during the Homecoming Parade.

Contact Erin Sekerak at [email protected] to obtain additional information about the program, and have a wonderful Homecoming Weekend.


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