Weather causes high chance of confusion

This weather has been crazy. I know we live in Erie, Pa., but come on; this is getting a little out of hand.

I look at the weather network when I wake up in the morning to try and figure out if I need a jacket or if I should wear shorts, but there is truly no point.

I attempt to dress accordingly based on what my weather app on my phone tells me, but as soon as I am out and about the weather completely changes.

One minute it is a normal fall day, the next I have to dress for summer. I almost need to bring a suitcase full of clothes with me when I set out for the day.

Now checking the weather has almost become a game to me, to see if it is actually accurate. For example, I checked the weather on Sunday and took a look at the whole week. It said it was supposed to be very cold and rainy all week – I shall see.

Monday was warm for about four hours, switched to hurricane weather for roughly two hours and then cleared up overnight.  So far, day one from the weather network was wrong, not surprising.

Tuesday was supposed to raining and be miserably cold. So I dressed for it to be extremely cold and guess what? I should have worn shorts.

What has happened to the fall weather where you could wear jeans and a sweater with a smile on your face? I am second-guessing everything.

On Sunday, my lacrosse team had three games at Slippery Rock and it felt like I was playing back home in Canada in the middle of January. The wind was blowing, it was very cold and I swear I saw a snow flake.

But who knows – when our season starts  at the end of March we could be playing in the sunshine instead of the typical snow that we get.

I know that climate change is a very controversial topic, so I won’t go there. But some consistency would be nice.

The cold to hot, hot to cold has not only messed with the daily struggles I have of figuring out what to wear in the morning, but it has brought on a cold that I could really do without. Unfortunately I know a lot of you are experiencing the same one, so may the odds be ever in your favor.

Erie has always had some weird weather patterns, but none like this. Mother Nature please make up your mind – you have succeeded at confusing us if that was your main goal.



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