Gigliotti’s puts chain restaurants to shame

Gigliotti’s, a brand new Italian restaurant in the downtown area, is leaving a lasting impression.

From the food, to the service, all the way to the building itself, there is no other way to describe it but amazing.

It’s safe to say that there is nothing else like it in the downtown area. With the grand opening last Thursday, there is still work being done.

John Gigliotti said he never thought he would own his own place, but just opened this fine-dining restaurant on the corner of State and 13th streets.

He started his restaurant career 32 years ago as a dishwasher and busser. After working his way up from to a cook and server, he then began managing.

It was not until he met Roman Stefanelli that he was pushed to pursue the dream of having his own Italian restaurant.

Stefanelli had the perfect building in mind. Being so close to the Little Italy part of town, he had a place with the opportunity for outside seating and bar with great potential for the inside seating area.

Beginning the process back in February, they quickly had a partnership formed.

They have been working together to create the fine dining experience with his Italian heritage.

Upon entering there is a nice host there to great you. The servers are friendly and very helpful when it comes to the menu.

The food puts chain restaurants like Olive Garden to shame.

Gigliotti has been saving recipes and ideas from every place imaginable. Some recipes came from family while others came from the restaurants he worked at. With some tweaks to fit his taste, his menu came about.

The Aragosta (lobster) Dip is a delicious way to start off the dinner. The creamy cheese dip did not overpower the lobster chunks. The homemade chips are what made it. Overall, this dish was outstanding and is worth coming in just for that.

For a well-portioned meal, the Ravioli De Formaggio is a good choice. Anyone who enjoys raviolis will not be disappointed. The portion size is just enough to fill you completely without overdoing it.

But for a really good entrée, pick the Aragosta (lobster) Manicotti. It has ricotta cheese with a red and white sauce, not to mention the lobster that is infused in it. With the first bite you will become hooked.

It is impossible to leave without trying a dessert. Both the cheesecake and tiramisu are both wonderful choices.

Steve Caulfield, a sophomore computer science major, went to Gigliotti’s during the grand opening last week and was impressed.

“The food was great. I really like the ambience,” Caulfield said. “It’s not too quiet though. The tables are a little close. However the service staff is good. Overall it was a very good quality.”

The unique part about this place is the outside bar area. There will be outside seating with a full service bar. There is no doubt that Gigliotti’s will be the place to be at during the summer months.


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