Geometric patterns recreate natural life

The Erie Art Museum is now showcasing an enthralling new exhibit entitled “Pattern Recognition.” These pieces are the result of artist, Jamie Borowicz’s work over the span of the past four or so years.

Anyone already familiar with the art museum will be happy to know that “Pattern Recognition” provides an incredibly refreshing style of artwork just in time for the changing of seasons.

The individual pieces that make up the exhibit are tied together by several underlying themes, the most obvious of which is nature. A good portion of the pieces are comprised of fall and winter settings made apparent by the use of vividly colored leaves and broken twigs painted in various shapes.

One such piece, “The Seam,” conjures up images of ice and snow across various shades of blue. Not every entry in the collection is a painting; around the room are carefully compiled rocks and even pieces of metalwork. One rock section took the shape of the sun, while another has thin rocks blooming outward, like a flower.

Some of the pieces seemed more abstract than others; “The State of Things” is a painting with its focal point being dead – and skeletonized – fish. Several of these are seen against a backdrop of multicolored rocks and twigs, as well as water in the form of a small waterfall.

Meanwhile, “St. Arbory’s Altarplace” seems to be an exhibit standout for Borowicz, providing a visual display of colorful leaves and twigs that seem to twist themselves unto the shape of a heart. This provokes feelings of the coming fall season — cool breezes, crisp air and young love.

“Zen Sunset” is a second highlight, utilizing the same wooden shapes to detail in three parts the setting sun. The bottom of the portrait is particularly impressive, leaving the sticks scattered, almost as if to be the reflection of fractioned sunlight off of the water.

All in all, “Pattern Recognition” is a successful breakout exhibit for Borowicz and wonderful addition to the Erie Art Museum. Visitors should prepare themselves with a warm glass of cider or hot chocolate, throw on a light jacket, and enjoy for the appealing nature of “Pattern Recognition.”

“Pattern Recognition,” continues to run through Jan. 11 at the Erie Art Museum, located at 411 State St. Admission is free on Wednesdays and $5 for students regularly.



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