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‘Freshman 15’ haunts upperclassmen too

It’s not a joke when people worry about gaining the “freshman 15.” Even I, as a junior, can still see the challenge of staying fit and eating healthy during the school year.

There are always temptations from bake sales in Waldron, quick meals you can just swipe your GU Gold card for or cheap meals at McDonalds for those on a budget.

I like to blame eating badly on my schedule. Running around all day can make an easy excuse to go grab something quick from the nearest fast food restaurant.

Although I cannot deny that I know it is so bad for me, I am either so hungry I can’t wait or only have a few dollars in my pocket to spend.

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When you add in “study time,” I know I always have to have a snack with me. The only way I can get myself through a super boring reading assignment is by bribing myself with chocolate.

The simple “eat one piece after a page” reward is good enough for me. It gets me through the assignment every time. Without my snack, I almost always fail to complete homework.

The only problem with this is finding the time to be active. It is way too easy to find a million and one excuses to avoid going to the gym. So what I did was join a club sport. I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee for almost three years. I started back as a freshman and now I am actively involved with the the Gannon club team, the Kryptoknights. I found Ultimate Frisbee to be the best way for me to get a good workout in without being bored on a treadmill again.

I love the sport so much that I play twice a week with an Erie team and at least two or three times with the Gannon team. Needless to say, this is more than enough working out for me to balance out the amount of junk food I eat throughout the day.

The good thing about Gannon is that there are lots of other opportunities to be active. Starting off, we have the new Recreation and Wellness center that now has later hours and fitness classes that are free.

Intramural leagues and clubs are available for many different sports all year. You just need to find what you like to do most and stick with it.

College is a time in our lives that we have to be busy, almost all the time. Fast, unhealthy meals may be inevitable for most of us. I kept myself off the couch and in the gym with Ultimate Frisbee.

I believe there is something for everyone on campus to keep yourself from gaining the “freshman 15.”



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