Art gallery moves to mid-city location

This past weekend, Gannon University’s new Center for  Communication and the Arts opened. Included in the new building is the upgraded radio station, modernized classrooms and a new and improved Schuster Art Gallery right inside the front door.

The location of the new art gallery is much more convenient for art fans across campus. Also, the Archaeology Museum is right across the hall, down the hall from the TV and Sound Studios.

The art itself has also been refurbished, and the room has a very homey feel to it since the opening. In particular, the Rev. Shawn Clerkin expressed much excitement about the move.

“There’s a new kind of energy there,” said Clerkin, mentioning the foot traffic through the building. “Now that it’s accessible, they are going to have a different way of operating.”

The grand opening was a point of interest for many in the community, especially many involved with organizations such as The Gannon Knight and Edge. Bishop Lawrence Persico also made an appearance for the blessing of the building, and the theme of the new building is “synergy,” which the Art Gallery adds to flawlessly.

Despite the quantity of actual art pieces being slightly lacking, the gallery itself contributes a new and exciting component to the “Comm Arts” building, as it is being referred to: an opportunity to view authentic art in an accessible location. As for the art there now, the pieces are absolutely beautiful.

The scenes they depict are simple, yet the detail and talent that was put into each piece is absolutely stunning. None of the names for any of the paintings are on display yet, but the pieces definitely speak for themselves. The gallery currently holds 11 paintings and four sculptures, each telling a different story.

My personal favorite is a painting hanging right inside the door on the left. It depicts a heavily forested valley on a bright, sunny day. It’s painted with incredible detail and lots of bright colors. As a whole, the scene it depicts really reminds me of growing up when my family would always drive past a scene very similar on our way to vacation every year in Canadohta Lake, Pa.

The gallery’s new location will surely draw a much larger crowd than previously seen. In addition to art fans across campus knowing the new location, everyday foot traffic will also be able to visit the gallery as they pass through the building on their way to or from classes or meetings. If you are in the building and have a few minutes to spare, I highly encourage you to stop by and look around. Even if you are not an art fan, it is relaxing for many people just to observe something quietly for a minute or two.

There are a number of exhibitions on schedule for this coming year, including possibly a faculty art show. The first is the Northwest Pennsylvania Artist Association Juried Exhibit, where local pieces will be juried by Richard Schindler. This exhibit will take place from Sept. 26 until Oct. 30. For information about the gallery and its exhibits, contact Lori Steadman at [email protected]



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